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Chief Brent B. Larrabee Chief Larrabee started his policing career in his home town of Framingham, MA. In 1972 serving as patrol officer. In 1978 he was promoted to detective where he was responsible for the investigations of major crimes in the town.   During the mid 1970’s Chief Larrabee served as the Framingham Police Association’s (union) President and he was involved in all aspects of labor and contract issues.   In 1980 he was promoted to sergeant in the uniform patrol division supervising between 6 to 10 police officers.   Chief Larrabee was promoted to lieutenant in 1984. As a lieutenant he was assigned to the administration division. His duties included supervising the communications, records and juvenile bureaus. He also served as the department’s first Civil Rights officer. As part of the administration bureau, he had a significant input into the formulation and justification of the budget of the department.   In 1987 Chief Larrabee was appointed Chief of Police in Framingham, MA. Framingham is a diverse community of 70,000 in Eastern Massachusetts and the police department has 200 employees, 125 sworn, 46 civilian and 52 auxiliary members and $8.7 million budget.   During his tenure, he developed a community policing initiative, with emphases on youth, schools, domestic abuse, narcotics abuse and citizen participation in policing. Chief Larrabee greatly increased police respect among diverse groups of residents. During his time he also managed $6.8 million renovation/reconstruction of a new police facility. He retired in 2001   Chief Larrabee served as the interim Chief of Police of the Westwood Police Department, Westwood, MA in 2003 following resignation of the former Chief. He was responsible for the delivery of police services as well as coordinating the search for and selection of a new Chief of Police. Westwood is a community of 35,000 residents located outside of Boston, MA.   In 2004 Chief Larrabee working for the United States Department of Justice, in the ICITAP program and he was assigned as Technical Assistant to the Nigerian Police Force, Kaduna, Nigeria. He worked in the City of Kaduna, a city of 4 million people, to improve the relationship between the community and the Nigerian Police Force.   In 2005 after a nation wide search, Chief Larrabee was selected as Chief of Police of the Stamford Police Department, Stamford CT. He was chief executive of a police agency serving a community of 120,000 northeast of New York City which had 500 employees, of whom 307 are sworn officers, providing full-service policing to this diverse community. During his tenure Stamford ranked as the fourth safest city in the United States with a population of over 100,000. He managed a 42 million dollar budget and he was part of the supervising team that oversaw the 15 million dollar construction of a new city wide radio system. Some of the key accomplishments during his administration include the implementation of geographic, neighborhood policing, the diversification of the workforce, the formation of and expansion of community coalitions. He conducted the first community wide citizen survey and the development and implementation of a strategic plan for policing the city through 2012.   In 2008, Chief Larrabee received the Distinguished Police Chief’s Award from the Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut.   He left the department in 2010   In February 2012, Larrabee was selected as interim Chief of Police to lead the East Haven Police Department in East Haven CT. The East Haven Police Department located on the shore line of Connecticut serves a community of 30,000 with 53 sworn officers. The department has recently been under investigation by the United States Attorney’s office which has resulted in the indictment and arrest of 4 current East Haven police officers.   Chief Larrabee holds a Master’s degree (with Honors) in Public Administration from Framingham State College, Framingham, MA and a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honors) in Law Enforcement from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.   During his career he has attended numerous executive seminars including the Executive Session on Policing, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. the Law Enforcement Executive Development, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Quantico, VA., and the Senior Management Institute of Police, Police Executive Research Forum, Merrimack College, North Andover, MA.   Chief Larrabee served on the Board of Trustees at Framingham State College from 1996 to 2001. During his tenure he served on the two presidential search committees and successfully helped select two college presidents.   As a Framingham Police Detective, Chief Larrabee was awarded the William Welch Medal of Honor, the department’s highest award, for the arrest of two armed robbers in large store filled with holiday shoppers.   Chief Larrabee during his career has been a consultant to a number of cities and towns working on executive searches as well as on policing projects.  
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