'Smoothest Opening Day Ever' for East Haven Schools (VIDEO)

Superintendent of Schools Anthony Serio says Wednesday was a strong start to the new school year, with few bus problems and most students adhering to the new dress code.

l students, teachers and staff kicked off the start of the new 2012-13 school year yesterday.

And although there were many changes over the summer — for K to 8 students, and — it appears it was a strong start to the new school year.

Opening Day 'Went Very Well'

"I'm visiting the buildings today and everyone has been saying it's the smoothest opening day ever," Superintendent of Schools Anthony Serio told East Haven Patch late Wednesday afternoon.

Serio noted that last year the town was still recovering in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. And the year before it had gone through a major redistricting.

"This year went very well," he said.

Dress Code 'Far Beyond' Expectations

Although there were some concerns about students adhering to the new dress code, the superintendent said things went better than he expected.

"It was far beyond my expectations," Serio said of the number of students who attended their first day in the proper attire. "And I would like to thank the students and parents for their support and cooperation."

He added that he went to each building and from classroom to classroom thanking the students for following the new dress code.

"And if there were a handful of students that weren't (following the code), that was a lot," Serio said.

Strong Start for Bus Service

Even the buses, which can often be a problem the first day or two as drivers and students learn the new routes, seemed to run smoothly yesterday, too.

"The arrival went very good," Serio said. "Now we'll see how the dismissal goes."

'Quiet' Phones

Finally, the superintendent said the final factor in gauging the success of any opening day to a new school year, is how frequently his office phone rings throughout the day.

"And thankfully, the phones have been quiet," he said.


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