East Haven Public Schools Have 90-Minute Delay for Friday

After reopening Thursday following last weekend's historic blizzard, East Haven schools will once again have a 90-minute delay Friday morning.

As the town continues to clear snowpiles from roadways and intersections following last weekend's historic blizzard, East Haven Public Schools will once again have a 90-minute delay Friday morning.

The district had been out of session since last Friday, when the now-historic Blizzard of 2013 dumped some three feet of snow on the town, but reopened on Thursday with a 90-minute delay.

ASmith February 15, 2013 at 12:53 PM
burg is finally getting back to normal and as normal goes Mayor Joke is a cryin the blues. Woe is him, Being mayor is hard work. thought he was gonna jes spend half his time in Florida and the other half his time up on the links playin a round of his favorite golf. Gosh jolly gee wiz, why should he have to deal with important stuff, like hurricanes, blizzards, corruption he created by puttin in the worst police chief in the town's history. In his midget mind the mayor's job is jes a dancin fool, huggin the old ladies and throwin out the first ball at the games, not dealing with life and death issues of runnin a town of 30,000 residents. He shouldnt have to work to earn his pay, he should be paid for jes givin the folks in this town the pleasure of lookin at em and havin to listen to em. Don't see any other mayor's or first selectman or women in this state cryin and complaining. Nope they is doing their job. Guess nobody ever explained to Joke what the job of CEO is. Never heard that poor woman runnin Newtown complain did ya. And look what she went through. This joke cant handle anythin. Before he gots back into office, we had Hurricane Irene that was worst than Sandy, we had blizzards, we had FBI investigation. That's life. not a free ride but this bumble head has been lookin for a free ride on the backs of the taxpayers for a long time. All he does is keep openin his mouth and makin hisself look dumb and east haven luck dumber for puttin em in the job.


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