[UPDATED] East Haven CMT & CAPT Scores

East Haven Public School scores on both standardized tests remain below the state average in most individual testing areas.

UPDATE at 2:30 p.m.

CMT reports for each individual East Haven school and grade has been posted in the gallery that accompanies this article.

According to the reports, 's 2012 scores were well-above the state average in almost all testing categories — in some cases students reached 100 percent proficiency in a subject area.

, however, registered scores that were either below or well below the state average across the board.

In addition, a report highlighting 2012 CAPT scores for East Haven's "District Reference Group," or DRG, has also been posted in the gallery. The town finished either in the middle or in the lower half of most testing areas.

ORIGINAL STORY (Monday at 5:50 a.m.)

Although individual grade level results were mixed within the district, overall 's 2012 CMT and CAPT scores remain below the state average for a majority of testing categories.

The district's CMT scores had mixed results this past school year. Some grade levels showed some improvements, while others had drops in individual testing areas.

East Haven's 2012 CAPT scores were also a mix of scoring gains and losses compared to last year's results.

School administrators are expected to give a detailed analysis of the district's test scores to the Board of Education at a future meeting.

Improving Peformance

Last year, from the state when their No Child Left Behind status was officially reset after not meeting Annual Yearly Progress standards.

Momauguin Elementary School and had their status' reset from "safe harbor" to making "adequate yearly progress."

In May, however, by the federal Department for Education regarding meeting certain NCLB requirements.

Additionally, East Haven School District is also one of the state education department's , which is made up of the state's 30 lowest-performing school systems.

The Alliance program seeks to provide additional funds to each of the districts for enhancements and reforms focused on improving student performance.

Most recently, East Haven recieved a supplemental grant that will allow the district to for the new school year.

State Scores

In releasing the CMT and CAPT test scores for individual districts this year, the state Department of Education said that on average statewide CMT scores — given to students in grades 3 through 8 — improved incrementally while CAPT performance — administered to 10th-graders and required for graduation — was mixed.

"While student performance increased in all content areas when compared to the CAPT baseline year of 2007, it decreased in some areas when compared to last year," the department said in a news release. "As compared to 2011, performance increased slightly in writing, remained relatively constant in science and reading, and decreased in mathematics."

East Haven CMT test scores

Grade 3 Math % At/Above Goal Math % At/Above Proficiency Reading % At/Above Goal Reading % At/Above Proficiency Writing % At/Above Goal Writing % At/Above Proficiency 2011 34.9 62.1 35.4 54.0 33.5 64.4 2012 49.4 76.3 37.6 61.6 72.8 44.2 State 2012 66.8 85.8 59.2 74.5 62.7 83.2 Grade 4

2011 44.8 70.3 40.7 57.5 46.4 76.2 2012 45.5 71.1 45.3 67.8 47.9 73.8 State 2012 68.2 85.8 64.1 78.3 65.3 83.7 Grade 5

2011 58.7 82.2 47.9 68.9 59.1 90.0 2012 52.7 73.4 50.5 68.3 54.4 85.1 State 2012 71.8 85.7 67.7 79.7
68.1 88.5 Grade 6

2011 58.4 82.0 74.7 84.6 57.4 85.3 2012 55.1 80.2 64.9 78.2 62.9 83.6 State 2012 69.5  
87.2 74.2 84.8 67.5 84.9 Grade 7

2011 57.8 82.1 70.0 82.5 87.5 47.1 2012 55.5 79.1 69.8 79.8 65.0 84.0 State 2012 68.3 86.7 79.9 87.4 65.6 83.9 Grade 8

2011 50.2 81.6 67.9 79.0 41.9 70.6 2012 55.4 83.8 60.5 74.7 60.4 84.4 State 2012 67.4 87.1 76.8 86.2 68.4 86.2

East Haven CAPT Scores

The full results and comparisons of the scores:

Percent at/above goal, math Percent at/above proficiency, math Percent at/above goal, science Percent at/above proficiency, science Percent at/above goal, reading Percent at/above proficiency, reading Percent at/above goal, writing Percent at/above proficiency, writing 2011 30.7 74.3 27.4 76.3 26.0 80.9 55.6 91.3 2012 29.7 70.7 30.7 74.7 27.5 76.0 54.8 87.9 2012 state average 49.3 78.8 47.3 80.2 47.5 80.9 63.1 88.8

The entire CMT and CAPT scores report from the state can be found at CTReports.com.

(Editor's Note: Additional reporting regarding the district meeting NCLB standards was added at 8 a.m. on Monday.)

Doreen Boudreau Hausler July 25, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Yes. The system is the biggest problem. End of story. The system in East Haven is failing, or has failed. People need to speak up and demand better. Some of us tried, and when that failed, we sought education elsewhere for our children. I have four kids. Two left that are school age. One in the East Haven system. The other probably won't attend school here for high school, unless we see some dramatic improvements. We have options. Parents, YOU have options. Look into the New Haven Magnets as options. Also, please note, "Powers that be".... You're facing a mass exodus of residents want better for their children, if YOU don't do better. Why on earth would anyone choose to pay taxes here, and live here, with what you currently offer? My family has lived in this town for generations. We've been able to work around the poor structures here. But, I'm tired of watching it happen. Do better. Now. It's your job. If you can't, step aside, so that others with more knowledge or dedication might do so. So disgusted, after years of witnessing this downward spiral.
Lou July 25, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Agreed, however as a parent I can't bank on my child "winning the lottery" to get into the acadamy or NH magnet schools. I also predict we will see a mass exodus of taxpayers who want better for their children. I know a handful of families looking now.
Patrick Madley July 25, 2012 at 03:43 PM
I am not arguing that, I agree. I am just stating facts of NCLB. No need to get testy with me.
Doreen Boudreau Hausler July 25, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Lou, just an FYI, my kids (all four of them) have had much success in the NH magnets lottery. We've always submitted our applications as soon as they are being received at the Magnet office. Each of my children (between the kids, they've attended 6 magnets through the years, as they've grown through the grade levels), got into their first choice except for once. My oldest daughter was waitlisted the year she tried for her high school of choice. I agree about the mass exodus. I'm aware of several families looking to leave town as well. It's a shame. Yet, very little is enticing folks to stay here currently.
Doreen Boudreau Hausler July 25, 2012 at 04:08 PM
By the way, I'm not suggesting that the New Haven magnets are a solution to the problems in East Haven's schools. They are just an option for proactive parents who want options, rather than sit by and watch their kids fall through the cracks. We're left with so few options here in town. That needs to be fixed.


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