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East Haven on its Green. The Mayor, during his speech, once again chooses to offend voters in town when he referred to America as a Christian country.

In so doing so he failed to recognize that one of the things that make our country great is the religious freedoms that exist, and the many diverse religious populations in our town, such as our Muslim, Jewish, Indian and Jehovah Witnesses friends and neighbors.

This speech followed his t and choosing to go on vacation instead of attending that brought many neighbors together for a meal and the start of the healing process in the community.

The to keep his campaign promise of rolling back taxes by 17 percent for all residents. June Tax bills will soon be upon us and as will be shown the failure of this Mayor to keep his promise to rollback taxes for all residents will indeed have a devastating effect on those living on fixed incomes such as Social Security...Shame on You Mr Mayor...Where I come from when we make a promise we keep it we do not offer flimsy excuses and point the finger at others but accept the responsibility of keep our promises that we made.

I attended as a disabled resident and after the Mayor had finished greeting other attendees and told them it was good to see them, I asked The Mayor why he had not greeted me in the same Manor and he informed me that it probably wasn’t good to see me. Really Mayor is that what you think about the town’s disabled residents?

If this is the case then the Mayor is choosing to discriminate against Minority Group one which I fight for day in and day out to make sure that we as East Haven Residents are treated fair and with the respect we so rightly deserve as this indeed is a civil rights issue and my brothers and sisters in the disabled community deserve to be treated with respect and dignity by the non disabled residents of our community but especially our elected officials.

The Mayor applied for and was rightfully denied the opportunity to double dip the pension system. He may have to he wrongly collected while previously in office. By the way how many of you have visited the East Haven Courier site and watched the footage of our Mayor who claims to have a bad back jumping around like a jitterbug on a hot tin roof at The Latino Expo?

I encourage you to view the footage if you have not already as it shows the Mayor jumping around, hooting and hollering, waving his arms all this with a bad back?...Let us not forget about his Jogging and Golfing activities.

The Mayor has in 5 months , after proclaiming that the door to his office would always be open and he would be accessible to residents. On Friday May 11th I went to the early in the afternoon and the door to the office was locked tight and his office was inaccessible therefore the Mayor has broken another promise to residents.

I would like to offer my well wishes to all that we're involved in involving a truck and a bus in which any East Haven residents were injured. It is my sincerest thoughtss that all involved will recover from this tragic accident. Having said that one has to wonder why the Mayor could not do the right thing and make a formal statement wishing the residents that were involved a speedy recovery? The families of those involved and those residents directly involved in the accident are in my daily thoughts and will remain in my prayers.

God Bless the Town of East Haven and our many residents that call this great community of ours the shining star of the shoreline home.

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Lise Cavallaro May 20, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Thank you Ann and Rosie..I would love to meet you both, as it seems we think along the same lines. If you would like to get in touch, I am on Facebook and Julie also has my work email. I know..this is getting SO old!!
Rosie May 20, 2012 at 01:39 AM
Thank you, Patrick...I try. I hope you will still "visit" when you are away for college. I would miss your comments!!
Drea Marino May 20, 2012 at 10:35 AM
I think Saturday Night Live would have a field day with this entire comment thread. The cast of characters is ripe for satire - truth IS stranger than fiction. Or maybe they can animate the tread ala " Fun with real audio ". I'd love to see that.
Drea,....what about the Simpsons?
Ann Della Camera May 25, 2012 at 03:17 AM
Lise, I would like very much to meet you and Rose alsom sorry it took so long for my answer but I have company from TX and have been pretty busy. After next Wed. I am pretty much free, check with rose and let me know. Your nice people, would be fun to meet.


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