Volunteers Selected to Assist in New Police Chief Search (VIDEO)

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. randomly selected the names of the 10 volunteers from a hat at town hall Tuesday.

Ten East Haven residents will now have an opportunity to help shape the search for the .

Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr that he was looking for a group of 10 volunteers to serve on the committee tasked with revising the job description for the head of the .

According to Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr, 24 residents stepped forward and submitted their names for the new committee.

Hat Pick

Earlier Tuesday afternoon at his office at , Maturo randomly selected 10 volunteers from a baseball hat filled with the 24 submitted.

East Haven Patch was there at the , and a video of the entire selection process — and the calling of all 10 volunteers picked from the hat — is posted in the gallery that accompanies this article.

The list of names pulled from the hat are as follows:

  • Nanci Apuzzo
  • Susan Jason
  • Bernadette Davis
  • Edward Wnek
  • Frances Consiglio
  • Adele Quartiano
  • Glenda Gonzalez
  • Jeffrey Confrancesco
  • Ken Davis
  • Robert Hoff

Other Committee Members

In addition to the 10 randomly selected volunteers, Maturo has also put together a list of 15 other residents, including current and former town officials, civic organization leaders and business owners.

Once the job description is finalized, the police chief position will then be advertised. And at that point candidates will be able to submit their applications for consideration.

From there, the firm assisting the Mayor's Office in the search will review and select a group of finalist, with Maturo — as directed by the — choosing who will be hired for the post.

DOJ Meeting

In other related news, Mayor Maturo reported Tuesday that Town Attorney Joseph Zullo, along with another of the town's legal representatives Hugh Keefe, "had just come back from" a meeting with officials from the U. S. Justice Department.

"They did have input in this process," Maturo said of the development of the volunteer committee.

The department has been working with the town to draft a consent decree agreement following t late last year and the early this year for of Latino residents and others.

As Maturo continued to talk to reporters about today's meeting, however, Zullo interrupted the mayor, asking him to cut his comments short "in the interest of confidentiality."

Maturo did as the town attorney advised, adding only: "so far we're on the right road, let me say that."

When asked the status of the negotiations between the town and the department, the DOJ confirmed the discussions were ongoing but declined further comment.

"But we continue to work with the Town of East Haven to reach a mutually-agreeable resolution to our investigation," Wyn Hornbuckle, an official with the DoJ's public affairs, stated in an email to East Haven Patch.

East Haven Patch will have additional video from Tuesday afternoon's press conference — including the mayor's comments regarding the ongoing negotiations with the Justice Department — posted later today.

I was the first name pulled out of the hat and the Mayor had such nice things to say about me, it will be a pleasure working on behalf of my fellow residents in this process.
Mitch June 26, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Congratulations to all selected. Please keep in mind that this is an extremely serious undertaking that you volunteered and were selected to participate in. Try to forget that you are a democrat, republican or independent. Don't let anyone's ego get in the way of making the best possible decision. Remember only that you are an East Haven citizen. Best of luck.
Flowers June 27, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Thank you to the volunteers. You have tons of mind numbing legal gobbledygook to digest. Hope you are up to the task. Good luck.
Lise Cavallaro June 27, 2012 at 05:13 PM
That was funny.
ASmith June 30, 2012 at 02:48 PM
Who are the Mayor's hand picked 15 folks? They got's the majority, so they are the ones really makin the decision for em. Is Mr. Dan on that ole joes list? Just wonderin.


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