Seniors to McMahon: 'We're Not Greedy Geezers' (VIDEO)

Senior citizens gathered outside of Linda McMahon's campaign headquarters in North Haven Monday to protest comments the Republican U.S. Senate candidate made suggesting a "sunset provision" be added to Social Security.

About 20 protesters, most of them senior citizens, gathered outside of Linda McMahon's campaign headquarters in North Haven on Monday to demonstrate against what they say is the Republican U.S. Senate candidate's desire to "sunset" Social Security and Medicare.

The protesters said they were reacting to comments McMahon made at a Tea Party forum in Waterford earlier this year. During the talk, the Greenwich resident — responding to a question about what could be done to strengthen the two entitlement programs — proposed adding a "sunset provision" to the Social Security Act.

A video and transcript of McMahon's comments at the April forum can be found on the Huffington Post.

Mary Moninger-Elia, a West Haven resident who helped to organize Monday's demonstration, said McMahon's remarks earlier this year are not just worrying to her, but also to many other of her fellow senior citizens.

"Hopefully people will understand that Linda McMahon stands for getting rid of Social Security," Moninger-Elia told Patch. "Because that's what sunset means."

She added that seniors are not just concerned about their own immediate futures, but also that the Social Security safety net will be there for their own children and grandchildren.

"We're not greedy geezers," Moninger-Elia said.

"We want to see Social Security continue," she said.

McMahon and most of her North Haven-based campaign staff were at a rally in Danbury with U.S. Senator John McCain during Monday's protest.

But during a follow up phone call, McMahon's campaign spokesman Todd Arbajano told Patch that his candidate does not support cutting either program.

"Linda does not and will not support any budget that will cut funding for Social Security and Medicare for seniors," Arbajano said.

"And she will not support any move to privatize those programs either," he said.

Arbajano added that the campaign of McMahon's Democratic challenger, Chris Murphy, is attempting to mislead voters by distorting McMahon's positions on Medicare and Social Security.

"I find it disturbing that Chris Murphy is misrepresenting Linda's positions on these programs," he said.

Jenn Bryson October 02, 2012 at 12:54 PM
I don't trust macmahon at all!!!!
Just Sayin' October 02, 2012 at 01:57 PM
Todd Arbajano said "Chris Murphy is attempting to mislead voters by distorting McMahon's position" and that he finds "it disturbing that Chris Murphy is misrepresenting Linda's positions on these programs". I find Mr Arbajano's statements ridiculous given that all of Linda McMahons attack ads on Chris Murphy are misleading distortions.
Lance Coughlin October 03, 2012 at 10:56 PM
Wait until the "geezers" feel the pain of obamacare.over 700 billion in cuts to Medicare to fund obamacare, which of course will include free treatment to all the welfare hustlers and illegal immigrants and their kids. Oh, and if the old timers have money saved to pass down upon their death, they better watch out. Obama wants that next. Look for a major overhaul of the estate tax system. Obama thinks white people stole their wealth, and therefore don't rightfully own it. He learned this nonsense from all the crazy radicals that raised him. While McMahon isn't the perfect candidate, I'll take her over ANY Obama lover like Murphy.
Just Sayin' October 04, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Obamacare does not cut $700B from Medicare. That's a Linda McMahon, Romney/Ryan lie. Obamacare preserves and extends medicare; Ryan turns it into a voucher program that doesn't keep up with cost increases.
Susan Laydon Gallagher October 19, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Linda McMahon made the comment about future legislation and that there should be provisions so that it can be reviewed after 10-15 years. Once again the Democrats need to use scare tactics to get votes because they have nothing positive to add.


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