Malloy Wants Federal Action on Gun Controls in Wake of Newtown Shootings

Speaking at a press conference Monday the governor also said he had to break the news Friday to some grieving Newtown parents that their children were dead.

As families of some of the 26 people killed in the Newtown shooting rampage begin burying their loved ones, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said the federal government needs to get serious about enacting stricter gun laws.

Speaking at a press conference in Hartford on Monday, Malloy also said that while he was in the Sandy Hook Firehouse last week with some of the parents of the 20 children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School he realized that some of them had waited hours for word of their loved ones and did not know that their children were gone. He took on the grim task of ending their uncertainty, he said.

“I made the decision that … to have that go on any longer was wrong,” Malloy said, as he fought back tears.

He also said told reporters that he wants federal lawmakers to get serious on gun control legislation.

“Do I think Washington D.C. needs to get its act together and enact stricter gun control laws at the federal level? You bet I do.”

Malloy has called for a moment of silence this Friday and for churches to toll their bells 26 times in honor of the shooting victims.

Anthony M December 18, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Clinton enacted an assault weapons ban from 1994-2004, here's the results: 11/15/95 - Lynville, Tn School shooting 2/2/96 - Moses Lake, Wa School shooting 2/19/97 - Bethel, Ak School shooting 10/1/97 - Pearl, Ms School shooting 12/1/97 - West Paducah, Ky School shooting 4/24/98 - Edinboro, Pa School shooting 5/21/98 - Springfield, Or School shooting 4/20/99 - Columbine, Co School shooting 5/20/99 - Conyers, Ga School shooting 11/2/99 - Honolulu, Hi Office Shooting 12/26/00 - Wakefield, Ma Office Shooting 3/5/01 - Santee, Ca School Shooting 3/22/01 El Cajon, Ca School Shooting 1/16/02 Grundy, Va College Shooting 4/14/03 New Orleans, La School Shooting @Oh I forgot to add the Hollywood Bank shootout in 97' where two heavily armed thugs wielding fully automatic AK-47's with 75 round drums blasted "under armed" Cops and Pedestrians. Guess they didn't get the memo that those weapons were "banned". Stupid Liberals...
Lou December 18, 2012 at 06:43 PM
When are these idiots going to figure it out? Why not ask the Feds for more mental illness control.
Richard Poulton December 18, 2012 at 07:09 PM
Anthony, add the following piece of history as well: Thru 2009, 107 million background checks were conducted. Same time period: 1.9 million attempts to purchase but were blocked by such checks. In 2008 alone, felons accounted for 56% of denials while 13% were found to be fugitives from justice. In 2009, felons accounted for 48% of denials while fugitives looking to purchase went to 16%. Between 2000 & 2009, 30,000 denials were reversed on appeal. In the first year of the Brady Bill, 250 cases were referred for prosecution but of those 217 were denied by Federal prosecutors to go to trail. Brady Bill (aka Asault Weapons Ban) was allowed to expire in 2004. Obama refused to re-introduce for re-inactment. So, even with all this, bad things still happened. Is there really an answer???????
Lori Fogler Nicholson December 18, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Having weapons in a home where a mentally ill person lives is irresponsible. No matter how professional the treatment I have seen a number of people suffer episodes...one being a dear freind whose heard voices and tried to take her own life. My girlfriends son who has had problems since he was a young boy became very violent this past weekend and had to be brought to a secure mental health facility because he became a treat to his family. We can do our best to treat mental illness to the best of our ability however there is only so much science and medicine can do. If someone is being treated or has been diagnosed or exhibited unstable behavior which has been recorded whether noted by family or educators there is absolutely no good reason to have weapons in that household. Do parents with a mentally ill child have a moral obligation to protect other members of society where dangerous tendencies have been noted.Can any parent truly imagine their own child acting out this degree of insanity. Probably not...even with a host of signs. It will take a community to solve this rather than more and more legislation. The eyes and ears of local people who feel a resposiblity to speak up and have a place to discuss their fears...maybe then we can prevent the next tragedy from occuring. DVERT in Colorado Springs is a good example.Maybe that model is worth replicating.
Arbie December 19, 2012 at 02:03 PM
I know first hand that CT has one of the best gun control laws in the country. Our laws work, however many states and most of the South have very lax gun laws and that is where the majority of the illegal guns in our state come from. CT should be used as a model for these states. But no, we as a country will only pass feel good laws such as limiting bullet capacity and ban so called assault weapons. All it does is drive up the cost, force more people to go out and purchase pre ban guns. People have a fascination with owning things that are band. The black market will always be there for the criminals and the insane. Does anyone need a high capacity magazine? No too big and they are too heavy to carry anyway. You can change an empty one for a full one in less than a second so pass the feel good law on that one. Parents and society need to take responsibility and teach kids right from wrong, screen and treat mental health issues, institutionalize if necessary. Why is no one challenging Gov. Malloy on why the State of CT closed the majority of our state mental hospitals years ago ?


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