200 Tyler Street: Town Council Calls Special Meeting for Hearing Date Vote

The meeting will allow the council to correct a "procedural irregularity" by officially setting the date for next month's public hearing on the old East Haven High School — after members failed to actually vote to approve it at their last meeting.

After apparently forgetting to vote on it the first time, the is going to give it another go later this week.

The town council has called a special meeting for Thursday to allow its members to officially set and approve the date for a on the at 200 Tyler Street.

No Vote Taken

At its regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 7, the motion to allow the discussion of setting a date for a public hearing on the old high school was approved and added to the meeting's agenda — but no vote was ever taken on approving the hearing itself.

"Town Attorney Joseph Zullo explained to me that at the last Town Council meeting, a motion was made to add the subject of scheduling the public hearing to the agenda," Town Council Chairman Richard Anania stated in a Tuesday press release. "However, Attorney Zullo indicates that the motion was never actually voted on. As a result, the Council never actually voted to schedule the public hearing — but only to add it to the agenda.

Anania stated that Thursday's special meeting is for the sole purpose of correcting that "procedural irregularity."

Same Date, Time

And, he added, when town council members meet on Thursday, they will be setting the public hearing for the exact same date and time that was discussed at their last meeting: Sept. 4, beginning at 7 p.m., at the East Haven Senior Center.

"lt is important that we get this process right and follow all of the necessary Town and procedural rules so that the Town can begin to move forward regarding plans for this property," Anania stated. "I encourage anyone with an interest in 200 Tyler Street to attend and comment."

The press release and agenda for Thursday's special meeting are attached to this article.

Elderly Housing vs Community Use

During last November's referendum, residents .

In April, however, Town Attorney Joseph Zullo reported that, in his legal opinion, to call the referendum in the first place — thereby voiding its results.

Although at the same meeting former Town Attorney told the council and maintained the vote was a binding one, the Maturo Administration has continued to move forward with its plans to .

Some East Haven Democrats, however, then criticised the for scheduling a series of closed meetings regarding the old high school.

In response, Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr then an upcoming public hearing would be held to present his administration's plans for the town-owned land.

Bob Fawkes August 28, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Mr. Smith, I completely agree with you sir. They're like pit vipers once someone upsets their gravy train. An alert and questioning electorate wasn't part of the plan it seems. All sorts of excuses why we should do this and that and so on and so forth; going so far as name calling; some of the lower level bottom feeders do.... Bottom line is there's lots and lots of kickbacks to be had with a property like 200 Tyler. They're chomping at the bit already, putting in legal notices and holding closed door meetings and what not. Folks here in town have got to follow the money every step of the way and hold these scoundrels accountable.
Bob Fawkes August 28, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Actually Luigi, the buildings alone are assessed at over $4.5 MILLION; according to our Assessor. Of course, if Taco Joe and cronys can unload them for "two cents in it's current condition", there might be enough kickbacks involved for them all to join Mitt Romney in opening up some accounts in the Caymans. LOL.
CAjones August 28, 2012 at 04:27 PM
LOL.......You guys really couldn't be more of a couple of clowns, if you tried. "They're like pit vipers once someone upsets their gravy train." I have no horse in this race, other than the costs it will strap us ALL with. Bottom line that building is a boat anchor and will sink us all if you let it. Kickbacks my arse.......put this property on our tax rolls and dump the behemoth!
Bob Fawkes August 28, 2012 at 05:09 PM
I bet ole Taco Joe isn't "LOL"ing at all about this resistance he's encountering. Probably beet red in the face he's... It's not like the old days...
CAjones August 28, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I think it's more like ole Clamroll Capone whose not laughing........ But we'll see soon enough!


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