East Haven Residents Owe 262,899 In Back Motor Vehicle Taxes

The amount owed dates back to 2011.

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File photo

Now that’s a lot of money! Since 2011, the town is owed $262,899 from residents who have failed to pay their town motor vehicle tax. 

The Town Council authorized the Tax Collector to place said accounts on suspense according to the following: 2011 MV Grand List, $203,475.96, 2011 Supplemental MV List, $54,072.92, 2011 Personal Property, $941.82, 2012 Motor Vehicle, $2,606.82, and 2012 Personal Property, $801.92. 

Councilman Robert Sand asked if the $200,000 is a carryover, according to meeting minutes. Each year the suspense list is brought forward, so is this all from 2011 or accumulative from other years, he asked? 

Tax Collector Lisa Basilicato says that this is new from 2011 and it will be transferred at the end of the year. She explained, according to meeting minutes, that she actively collects two years in her office so at the end of this year 2011 will expire; it will be transferred to suspense, turned over to collections and they pursue it with different tools. 

Sand asked if anyone in her department goes through Google or any other type of technology. 

Basilicato says yes they do, they handle every piece of mail themselves and use Google, DMV websites, etc. to try and get new addresses, meeting minutes state. These are people who are clearly ignoring the bill or have moved out of Town, the tax collector said. 

Lois Marie July 08, 2014 at 10:32 AM
That's because it's a BS tax. That should not exist The car is not a luxury it is a necessity. I paid taxes on my car when I bought it and I pay to register it and maintain it. Then when it comes time to file taxes you can't even claim it.. It makes no difference when you do.
Bruce July 08, 2014 at 05:25 PM
If you owe back taxes you can not register a vehicle in your name. These people must be using friends or relatives info to keep the registrations current,if they are in fact current. Could it be that many of these cars were in other persons names originally, and were never valid? I pity the poor person who is told they cant register their car when they do not owe and their info was used without their knowledge. It will be a nightmare to straighten out.


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