Republicans Elect New Town Committee

The East Haven Republican Town Committee has a new slate of members for the 2012-14 term.

The Republican Party for Town Committee membership on Jan. 16 for the 2012-2014 term.

The new town committee is as follows:

First District

  • Donald N. Accera   
  • Charles Meltzer   
  • Joseph Maturo Jr.
  • Kenneth W. McKay
  • Melisa McKay
  • Elias  Najjar   
  • Donna Norman
  • Robert Parente
  • Marlene  Asid
  • Carmen Parlato
  • Fred Parlato
  • Anthony Purificato
  • Angelo Santomassimo

Second District

  • Peter Cianelli           
  • Sue Colangelo
  • Ann DellaCamera
  • Arthur DeSorbo   
  • Robert Falcigno
  • Ronald Ferraiolo
  • Richard Poulton
  • Vincent Mauro
  • Salvatore Maltese
  • Brian Savo
  • Michael Enders
  • Vincent Arpino
  • Joseph Zullo

Third District

  • Mariane Cesare
  • Benjamin Franco
  • Louis Crisci Jr.   
  • Ronald DeNuzzo   
  • Roxanne Melillo
  • Donna Maturo
  • Beth Purcell   
  • William Richardson Jr.
  • Carl Ruggiero
  • Judy Ruggiero
  • Robert Sand
  • Ralph Vitale
  • Benjamin J. Mazzucco Jr.

Fourth District

  • Monica Brockett
  • Linda Hennessey
  • William Illingworth
  • Craig Cubellotti
  • Andrew Gianelli
  • Thomas S. Hennessey
  • Amy Milano
  • Michael Liso
  • Katie White
  • Dominic Milano
  • Lori Musco
  • Theodore Musco Jr.
  • Vincent Spaduzzi   

Fifth District

  • Richard Anania
  • Paul Carbo
  • Jesse Caruso
  • Kathy A. Dennis
  • Anthony Mansi
  • Lori Jaffe
  • Paul Karbowski
  • Carol D. Massaro
  • Carol A. Massaro
  • Joseph Piccerillo Jr.
  • Lawrence Sgrignari
  • Ronald Vestuti
  • Joan Adamczyk          
Congratulations to all the newly elected members of the Republican Town Committee. I look forward to working with all of you and making East Haven the Best it can be for all residents regardless of political affiliation.
Richard Poulton January 19, 2012 at 05:26 PM
From me, thank you Robert. I have been told many times in the past year to step up and get involved. I did so. I will be in the shadows, sitting back and learning about the political process. It will be a day to day thing for me and I am looking forward to this challenge. We all have to have an open mind and not wear blinders, forgetting its all about the greater good.
east haven resident January 20, 2012 at 09:43 PM
I guess the same comments should go for the republican committee " I see a lot of family members" ... Just wanted to make sure that the ridiculous comments were kept equal, because someone complained that there were multiple "family members" on the democratic committee and as I read there are many family members on the republican committee also
cheryl January 20, 2012 at 10:50 PM
personally i dont believe there should be family members on the either the dem or repub council ,, but just my opinion


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