Just Posted: East Haven Police Chief Job Notice (DOCUMENT)

The Mayor's Office has publicly posted the new employment advertisement as the town's process to find a new permanent chief of police continues.

The town has taken the next step forward in of police.

Earlier this week, the released its new employment advertisement for the position.

The ad — which is now up on the homepage of the town's website — lays out three pages of background about the town and the position, as well as the requirements for the new police chief.

The advertisement is attached to this article as a PDF document.

Although the search for candidates for the new chief is being carried out by the Massachusetts-based Strategic Policy Partnership, a in defining the position's requirements and details for the employment ad.

The town officially in early June.

'Toward Excellence in Policing'

As part of its background, the job posting does discuss the for alleged racial profiling and police brutality against Latino residents and others.

"The police department has come under intense scrutiny during the last year due to the allegations of improper police actions toward some persons," the ad reads. "This has had a demoralizing effect on many officers and the department is challenged to recover from these incidents and move toward excellence in policing. The new Chief of Police will lead that reformation process, which has begun under an Interim Chief."

Interim Chief Larrabee

East Haven was after former Chief Leonard Gallo in the wake of the for alleged civil rights abuses in January.

that he is interested in being considered a candidate for the permanent post.

He added, however, that a transparent and comprehensive search was an important part of the overall vetting process for candidates.

Application Deadline

In addition to the town's website, the employment ad will also be placed in professional publications related to police work.

The deadline to submit an application is Sept. 19.

Mauro said in June the search process — which has been reviewed by and includes — would be "exhaustive," last 22 weeks and one that "hopes to draw candidates nationwide."

The mayor added that the search will also include an entire stage "dedicated solely to interviewing by an independent panel of members of the community," as well as a town hall meeting that will allow "any member of the public" to "submit questions to finalist candidates.”

ASmith August 17, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Thought some fella was a promised this job already. Are we wastin folks tax money again on smoke screens and mirrors.
ASmith August 17, 2012 at 09:04 PM
Mayor Jo(k)e is a gonna pick a fella he can go drinkin and golfin with. Gots to be fun lovin. He is always lookin for a new "buddy" to play with.


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