[UPDATED] Official East Haven Election Results

The following is a complete list of the town's official Election Day ballot results, as provided by the Town Clerk's Office.

Updated at 5:45 p.m. on Friday

An updated and revised Election Day official voting tabulation sheet provided by the East Haven Town Clerk's Office has been added to the gallery that accompanies this article.

Original Story (Wednesday at 5:45 a.m.)

East Haven had a turnout it can be proud of this Election Day. According to the official election results from the Town Clerk's office, 8,059 residents cast their ballots Tuesday. And that's 59 percent of the town's 15,452 registered voters

Below, East Haven Patch has posted the complete, official election results.

A candidate's party affiliation is indicated by a "D" for Democrat, "R" for Republican, "P" for petitioning and "W" for write-in candidate.

There were six seats up for grabs on the Board of Education, four on the Board of Finance and three seats on the Town Council for each of the town's five voting districts.

We'll continue to file updates on the results — including this between current Mayor April Capone and former Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr — but for now: here are the numbers!


April Capone, D - 3,994

Joseph Maturo, R - 4,025

Oni Sioson, W - 70


Town Clerk

Stacy Gravini-Piccirilli, D - 3,815

Roxanne S. Melillo, R - 3,501


Town Council First District

Suzanne Youle-Wardle, D - 630

Richard W. Cardaway, D - 593

Vincent A. Camera, D - 733

Anthony Purificato, R. - 838

Fred J. Parlato, R - 817

Robert M. Parente, R - 761


Town Council Second District

Beverly Gravino, D - 806

Joseph Santino Jr, D - 841

Gary DePalma, D - 848

Vincent Arpino, R - 684

Susan Colangelo, R - 708

Janet Cianelli, R - 775


Town Council Third District

Annmarie Nappi, D - 651

Janice Donahue, D - 556

Jo-Ann M, Lubenau, R - 545

William F. Richardson Jr, R - 695

Robert Sand, R - 718

Angelina Judy Esposito, R - 705


Town Council Fourth District

Pasquale Garguilo, D - 632

Michael J. Riolino, D - 662

Joseph S. Badamo, D - 660

Robert J. Cubellotti, R - 660

William J. Illingsworth, R - 665

Charles M. Lang, R - 629

Paul M. Constantinople Sr, P - 54


Town Council Fifth District

John R. Mathew, D - 617

Andew J. Esposito, D - 692

Clara L. DiMartino, D - 676

Paul L. Carbo, R - 780

Richard C. Anania, R - 758

Anthony R. Mansi, R - 779


Board of Finance

Davd E. Garamella, D - 3,210

Richard A. DePalma, D - 3,719

Brenden J. Geelan, D - 3,171

Noreen E Clough, D - 3,226

Marlene L Asid, R - 3,207

Salvatore R. Maltese, R - 3,444

Beth A. Purcell, R - 3.533

Ralph J. Vitale, R - 3,765

Donna M. Richo, P - 313


Board of Education

Cynthia W. Rojas, D - 2,993

Kristen L. Vineyard, D - 3,154

Christine A. Maisano, D - 3,402

Raymond D. Pompano, D - 3,375

Patricia Tia DePalma, D - 3,470

Laura L. Kluth, D - 3,102

James N. Farrell, R - 3,540

Thomas S. Hennessey, R - 3,440

Lisa Geraci-Anastasio, R - 3.459

Charles Scaleese, R - 3,607

Craig T. Cubellotti, R - 3,086

Ronald A DeNuzzo, R - 3.592

Maurice L. Adams, P - 363


Referendum Question

1. Shall the property located at 200 Tyler Street be rehabilitated at a cost to the town and used for educational purposes? Yes - 2,207    No - 1,994

2. Shall the property located at 200 Tyler Street be rehabilitated at a cost to the town and used for community purposes? Yes - 2,527    No - 1,711

3. Shall the property located at 200 Tyler Street be sold by the town for condominium use? Yes - 1,966   No - 2,240

Robin Meeblind November 14, 2011 at 06:54 PM
No class. They claimed she was so much more honest and had more class and dignity than Maturo but when all is said and done we see her true colors. Not to Congratulate Maturo because he didn't congratulate her 4 years ago just proves i'm right.
Richard Poulton November 14, 2011 at 09:03 PM
Unbelievable, how in the world is my comment a "bashing" of Mayor Capone? All I commented on was I thought she was someone of high character and would have at least thanked people and wished us well. Just because Joe, according to you didn't do it, doesn't make any difference.
Sam Giglio November 14, 2011 at 09:11 PM
Hello Richard is there anyone home , End it and get a life
EHVoiceofReason November 14, 2011 at 10:41 PM
Richard, I agree. The once media-hungry, ex-Mayor used to take ANY and ALL opportunities to be in and on the media. Now.....silence....ain't it wonderful? Her whole inner circle must still be in shock....the looked pretty glum on Saturday at the recount.
Patricia Esposito November 14, 2011 at 11:37 PM
Richard, April did thank her supporters. I was there when she did. You wouldn't know because you weren't a supporter. Time will tell if the right choice was made. Patricia Esposito


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