East Haven Dems Question Maturo's $10,000 Pay Increase

DTC officials argue while all other town departments have had a spending freeze — and the mayor's direct staff will not be receiving a salary increase within this current budget — Maturo is accepting a raise.

Credit: East Haven Mayor's Office
Credit: East Haven Mayor's Office

The following is a press release from the East Haven Democratic Town Committee.

Citing Maturo’s ongoing legal fight with the State Employment Retirement Commission to reinstate his disability pension, East Haven Democrats have questioned Maturo’s Acceptance of a $10,000 salary increase. 

According to DePalma, Town officials and Maturo should “state their reasons for assigning, and Maturo accepting, the increase and explain how this change benefits the community as a whole, rather than one particular individual.” 

DePalma noted that while all other town-wide departments have been subjected to a spending freeze and Maturo’s direct staff will not be receiving a salary increase within this current budget, Maturo is accepting a salary increase. 

“The people of East Haven aren’t responsible to supplement the shortfall in Mr. Maturo’s income,” stated DePalma.

In addition, DePalma has raised concerns over the possibility of town resources and political alliances being used to assist Maturo with his legal efforts. 

“Not only does this matter go to the expenditure of public funds, but it also involves the ethical conduct of an elected official. His legal representation is on the town payroll. For example, Senator Fasano is a long-time political ally and a major contributor to Mr. Maturo’s election campaigns. In addition Fasano and or his law firm frequently represent clients in front of boards and commissions that are control by Maturo. ”

DePalma has asked for full transparency and justification related to all town-wide expenditures. 

“As a taxpayer, I’m angry. During a time period when most East Haven residents feel the effects of a tough economy, Mr. Maturo thought he was entitled to another large salary increase,” said DePalma.  

In addition, DePalma has questioned Maturo’s willingness to attend meetings and put forth a full-time effort at Town Hall. 

“Per the Town Charter, the Mayor serves as Chairman of the Board of Finance. Mr. Maturo has missed a vast majority of these meetings during his tenure in office. His absence has continued through the budget process, which is unacceptable” stated DePalma. “But, Mr. Maturo had no problem signing on for an additional $10,000 raise. In East Haven, Mayor is a full-time position,” said DePalma.

Richard Poulton March 31, 2014 at 05:17 PM
WOW, CAJones hit the nail right on the head. I was really hoping the new DTC leadership would take a higher road compared to what had been happening but I guess the names can change but attacks stay the same. But as he said, they (D) lost and they still can't deal with it. What a shame!
CAjones March 31, 2014 at 06:10 PM
The Mayor took a raise, and the world is coming to an end! The real problem isn't the raise and everyone knows it. The problem is that this republican got a raise. Let's not let any other facts get in the way of one fact, he is Joe Maturo. McCann can't stand him and the democratic leadership will say anything to discredit him. It really sticks in their collective craw that he's in office. It matters not how he manages town accounts and balances the budget. In fact it doesn't matter how many businesses he brings into our town or how many positive accomplishments he can take credit for. The only thing that matters is he's republican and he's Joe Maturo. Period. So unless he is willing to change his name and party affiliation, he will be taunted for every fart he cuts. Oh but wait, republican Joe Maturo keeps getting elected. So why should he change a thing? He keeps getting re- elected because those who count, the voters say Yes to republican Joe Maturo. Thankfully they see through all the ridiculous rhetoric. The voters love republican Joe Maturo. They keep voting for him because they trust him with their money. So keep trying to denigrate the man, all you sore losing "leaders" of democrats and nay saying chinless twits, and we will continue to re- elect republican Joe Maturo.
Same ole Game March 31, 2014 at 07:39 PM
Richard YoU commented on Cajones posting before he posted it?
CAjones March 31, 2014 at 07:57 PM
@Same ole Game, I made an edit to my post after Richard posted.... No conspiracy involved


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