East Haven Democrats Elect New Town Committee

The Democratic Town Committee has a new slate of members for the 2012-14 term.

The East Haven Democratic Party for Town Committee membership on Jan. 10 for the 2012-2014 term.

DTC Chairman said there were changes made in each the town's five voting districts.

"Change is good, it makes for a stronger town committee, and the Democrats in East Haven have spoken," Ruocco said. "We will move on to restore the great government we had in place for the last four years. The town was moving in the right direction and the proves that, we will be back"

The new town committee is as follows:

District One

  • Michael Albis
  • Vincent Camera                                                                       
  • Joseph Civitello                                                                        
  • Noreen Clough                                                                        
  • Ronald DeSena
  • James Dougherty
  • Laura Kluth
  • Steve Kluth
  • Philomena Libretti
  • Carl Perez
  • Daniel Gleason
  • Tim Henley
  • Suzanne Wardle 

District Two                                                                                          

  • Gary DePalma                                                                 
  • Patricia DePalma                                                            
  • Richard DePalma                                                           
  • Beverly Gravino                                                              
  • Stacy Gravino-Piccirillo
  • Charles Lemons
  • Tracy A. Santino
  • Biagio L. Fronte
  • Tasha Limoncelli
  • Raymond Pompano Jr.
  • Joseph Santino  Jr.
  • Philip VanDeusen
  • Louis Pane

District Three

  • April Capone                                                          
  • Paul Cofrancesco                                                  
  • Norman DeMartino
  • Albert Fucci                                                                          
  • Brendan Geelan
  • Robert Dan Hoff
  • Stacy Monico
  • Ann Marie Nappi
  • Louis Pacelli Sr.
  • Gennaro Ruocco
  • Lois Ruocco
  • Paul Thompson
  • Gail Verderame

District Four

  • Joseph Badamo                                                                      
  • Joseph Buonome                                                                   
  • Jo-Ann Esposito                                                                     
  • Teena Fucci
  • David Garamella                                                                   
  • Sam Giglio                                                                             
  • Delores Krebs
  • James Krebs
  • Letizia Morales
  • Michael Riolino
  • Carolyn Scalesse
  • John Stacey  Jr.
  • Michael Vastolla

District Five                                                                                         

  • Fred Brow                                                                               
  • Frank Capone                                                                         
  • Judith Capone                                                                       
  • Alfred Cronk                                                                          
  • Clara DiMartino
  • Andrew Esposito
  • Barbara Longo
  • Joseph Longo
  • Christine Maisano
  • Patrick Madley
  • Raymond Pompano
  • Cynthia Rojas
  • Magdalen Sparaco
I would like to thank each and every person who took the time out of their evening to come to the DTC meeting tonight and cast your ballot for me. I will continue to work hard to earn your trust and respect and work with the goal in mind of making East Haven the very best it can be for you and your family. Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have shown me and for electing me to serve for another 2 years on the Democratic Town Committee.
Harry Balzonia January 13, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Why are there so many family members? Was there a shortage of people and therefore had to just fill spots with anyone? Just wondering.
Mitch January 13, 2012 at 07:27 PM
I'm wondering the same thing, Harry. There are so many family members and spouses of "connected" people who for one reason or another cannot be on the DTC that it sounds like "meet the old boss, same as the new boss" (with apologies to the Who). The article mentioned that there were changes made to each district. Mr. Ruocco - can you identify for us who the new members are?
Gene Ruocco January 13, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Bob, these are the new people on the Democratic Town Committee; Daniel Gleason, Philomena Libretti, Suzanne Youle Wardle, Biagio Fronte, Louis Pane, Ann Marie Nappi, Joann Esposito, Letizia Morales, Andrew Esposito, Patrick Madley, Cynthia Rojas. Bob, if you would like to get involved with the East Haven Democratic Town Committee, as soon as someone resigns because they are moving out of East Haven, or for any other reason, we will be able to accommodate you. Members of our committee attend as many Town Meetings as possible for the purpose of learning how government works in East Haven. The budget process is about to begin and you are welcome to sit with me and our committee members, for we will be there at every meeting. We, as citizens need to pay attention as to how our taxes are spent. I’ll be looking for a new face, come up and introduce yourself to me. Gene Ruocco
Debra Giordano October 18, 2012 at 03:54 AM
who can we contact to get free yard signs for Obama/Biden? Any info would be helpful-thank you!
Debra, E-mail me your name and address at RHOFF08@AOL.COM and I'll make sure you get them.
Debra Giordano October 21, 2012 at 05:11 AM
thank you so much-sent you an email
Your Welcome Debra,Thank You for requesting the signs.


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