Cubellotti to Run for State Representative

The East Haven Republican has announced his intentions to run for the 99th District seat in the state House, which is currently occupied by Democrat James Albis.

The following is press release submitted by the Cubellotti for State Representative 2012 campaign.

On Monday, March 19, Craig Cubellotti announced to the East Haven Republican Town Committee his intention to run for the office of State Representative in the 99th Assembly District.

Mr. Cubellotti began by thanking the RTC “for giving me the opportunity to speak with you tonight.  I would like to announce that my campaign has filed the required paperwork making me an official candidate for the office of State Representative of the 99th Assembly District.”

He continued by introducing Beth Purcell as the campaign treasurer and asked committee members for whatever contributions each can give.  “Our intention is to utilize public campaign funding. To qualify we must receive donations from at least 150 registered voters residing in East Haven and reach a monetary requirement set by the state.”

Craig ended his announcement by extending an invitation to anyone who wishes to help with the campaign. “Of course there will be many volunteer opportunities so please contact anyone on the committee if you’re interested in helping out.”

For further information or to volunteer for the campaign, email Jim Midolo at Cubellotti99th@gmail.com.

Luigi (the original) March 23, 2012 at 01:29 PM
PERFECT.... that's really all that needed to be said regarding this post. We all know your politics Captain, now we also know you got some class!
Megan March 25, 2012 at 05:34 AM
Ivanna.....outside of daddy in law?? I'm megan, since you'd like to bring my name up, you should be aware that I was more than qualified. I have a university degree, and I don't believe you would find any board member or member of the East Haven Community that would say I wasnt . Also, in today's society a woman who has worked hard in gaining an education and experience can use her maiden name. I'm not sure why that has anything at all to do with anything.
GG- April 25, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Mr. Cubellotti is going to make a fine State Rep. He is honest, he is smart and he is politically savvy. He is a self made man and the state assembly is going to be lucky to have him. If you doubt his qualifications, ask yourself this question....how has what you've got worked out? Given the situation all over this country at all levels of government, it's time to start anew. Give this guy a chance and see what he does. If you don't like it, vote him out.
I wish him the best of luck on this endeavour but since you have brought up the fact that he is politically Savy can you tell me what he has achieved politcally?
robbone June 07, 2012 at 03:19 PM
all i know is after having a conversation with albis and he stated that illegal immigration is a good thing .hes not in his right mind.look at the want ads theres no jobs in the state or country why do you think unemployments so high.alot of companys get rid of good paying workers and hire illegals for half the pay dont give health insurance.and he thinks this is a good thing theres not even minimum wage jobs out there.maybe if he lost his job to an illegal person he understand but thats something he never have to worry about.so if he truly wanted to represent the good' honest'tax paying people of east haven he wouldnt be in favor of illegals here.california with the most illegals is bankrupt' hospitals are closing down from so many illegals going there and not paying there bill.ask him why he thinks illegals are a good thing then you'll understand his mind set.


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