CT Lawmakers Start Special Session

Legislators will tackle controversial issues such as new fees for smoke shops and reducing the state police work force.

The state legislature Tuesday bagan what is expected to be a marathon special session that will tackle such issues as whether to change a law requiring the state have at least 1,248 troopers on its payroll and whether to charge roll-you-own cigarette shops new fees.

The legislature also will take up a jobs initiative bill drafted by Senate Democrats, the Hartford Courant reports.

The proposed smoke shop legislation was thrust into the limelight following the about two weeks ago of Robert Braddock Jr., the campaign finance manager for , D-Meriden.

Braddock is accused by the FBI of trying to hide donations to Donovan's campaign from smoke shop owners, raising questions of whether the donors were seeking to influence Donovan's vote on the pending legislation.

any knowledge of the campaign donations and has said he  at no time made deals with donors in exchange for campaign cash.

However, Donovan has said he will in the special session that starts today.


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