Condition of Athletic Facilities in East Haven Questioned

Some parents have raised concerns about the fields in town.

Members of the East Haven Recreation and Athletics Commission will be working on getting answers to some parents complaints about the conditions of some athletic fields in town. 

At a recent meeting Chairwoman Joan Adamczyk stated she received a call from some parents regarding Gillis Field and the poor condition of the soccer fields as well as the bug issue, according to meeting minutes filed on the town’s website. 

The grass was not mowed, and the lining of the field was poor., Adamczyk reported Adamczyk stated it was not just the soccer fields she was getting calls about, but all of the fields in town, including baseball and softball, meeting minutes state. 

It was asked that the Superintendent of Public Works attend the next meeting to discuss whose responsibility the maintenance of the fields are, Public Works or the Recreation Department employees, meeting minutes states.

What do you think of the current condition of the athletic facilities in town?

Carl Perez June 26, 2014 at 07:49 AM
FYI The Parks Department which falls under the department of public works is in charge of maintaining all fields, parks ,town greens and schools. The recreation department just schedules the events on such fields.


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