Carbo: State Dismisses 'Frivolous' Complaint Against Maturo Campaign [DOC]

East Haven GOP Chairman Paul Carbo says the state's Elections Enforcement Commission voted unanimously to dismiss a complaint brought by former DTC Chair Gene Ruocco alleging Mayor Maturo's 2013 re-election campaign conducted illegal push polling.

Credit: Patch file photo
Credit: Patch file photo

The following is a press release from the East Haven Republican Town Committee

East Haven Republican Town Chairman Paul Carbo announced today that he recently received a letter indicating that Connecticut’s State Elections Enforcement Commission voted unanimously at its April 16th meeting to dismiss the complaint brought by former East Haven Democratic Town Chairman Gene Ruocco alleging that Mayor Maturo’s 2013 Election Committee conducted a push poll during his re-election campaign last year.

Carbo explained, “I’m pleased that the State Elections Enforcement Commission saw Mr. Ruocco’s complaint for what it really was - a desperate political stunt aimed solely at drawing attention away from Mayor Maturo’s legitimate achievements.  The commission was right to dismiss the complaint, which was both frivolous and baseless.”

Ruocco, who was ousted as Democratic Chair this past March, filed the complaint on October 10, 2013, alleging that Maturo’s campaign violated C.G.S. §9-621(b)(3) by conducting automated telephone polling calls in support of Maturo’s candidacy without the proper attribution statement at the end.  Ruocco characterized the calls as a “push poll.”

Carbo explained, “Mr. Ruocco received a call himself and, as a result, he was fully aware that the calls were not automated or robotic.  The calls were part of a legitimate poll conducted by live human beings employed by a professional polling company. “

Carbo continued, “The true aim of Mr. Ruocco’s obviously baseless complaint was to make the Mayor’s campaign look foolish.  His plan clearly backfired- as it looks incredibly foolish his complaint could not garner a single vote of support and was unanimously dismissed.”

This is not the first instance in which East Haven’s Democratic Chairman has resorted to these tactics.  In 2009, Gene Ruocco filed an almost identical complaint weeks before that year’s election.  That complaint was also subsequently dismissed by the SEEC.  

Mayor Maturo noted, “I’m delighted to hear that the Commission issued a favorable decision for our campaign.  Like the officials that work for me at Town Hall, I hold my campaign workers to the highest of ethical standards.  I had no doubt that the Commission would find in our favor.”

Carbo concluded, “Hopefully the East Haven Democratic leadership has learned its lesson and will resist the urge in the future to resort to this kind of petty, negative politics.  Our team will continue to take the high road and will continue working hard for the people of East Haven.


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