Suspect Tasered, Punched and Bit; An Ambulance Joy Ride; Thieves Target Gym-Goers; Vigilant Resident Helps Police; Hot Dog Stand Burglarized

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STRATFORD – It took two shots from a taser, a couple punches to the face and a bite from a K-9 officer before a West Haven man was taken into custody on May 14.

Police said Raul Quiles, 41, resisted arrest and fled from police after he was pulled over on a motor vehicle violation.

One officer suffered minor injuries during the scuffle that ensued, after chasing Quiles on foot and jumping over a retaining wall.

While police pursued Quiles, the passenger of the vehicle reportedly took off. He has not been apprehended. For more details, click here.

Also in Stratford this week, the sister of a man who was being arrested on motor vehicle charges was also taken into custody after making a scene in the street. You can read that report by clicking here.

WOODBRIDGE – An alleged joy ride in an ambulance this week landed a Woodbridge man in cuffs.

Police said Michael Issaev, 22, stole the Ford Explorer “Medic 33” vehicle from the driveway of a Woodbridge residence, while EMS personnel were inside assisting the homeowners during an emergency call.

Issaev reportedly drove the Explorer to Southbury, where he proceeded to drive through several lawns before stopping at a local retail outlet. It was at the store that police apprehended Issaev, who was allegedly causing a disturbance.

He was taken into custody by Connecticut State Police and charged with first-degree larceny. For more on this incident, .

HAMDEN – Police are advising residents to take extra precaution as thieves are reportedly looting vehicles while gym-goers are pumping iron.

Since March 1, police have received 10 reports of thefts from vehicles in two gym parking lots in town.

"Several investigations revealed that individuals responsible for the thefts are entering [gym] lockers and removing car keys," said Capt. Ronald Smith.

For more on this case, check out the .

BRANFORD – A neighborhood that was warned about a rash of vehicle break-ins was once again victimized this week. But this time, police said, they captured the criminals thanks to a vigilant resident.

Taken into custody on multiple burglary and larceny charges was Robert Barnabei, 18, of New Haven, and a male juvenile accomplice. A resident called police at approximately 2 a.m. on May 20 to report suspicious activity - two men were going car-to-car.

For more details on this case, click here.

CHESHIRE – An iconic hot dog stand was burglarized this week.

Police said a petty cash box was stolen from Blackie’s Hot Dog Stand sometime overnight on May 18. There are no suspects at the moment, police said, but the investigation continues.

The owner of the hot dog stand, which has been in business since 1928, said they are robbed every four to five years.

For more on this case, click here.


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