OMG PD: Feb. 1 - 8

A look at some remarkable police cases from around Connecticut.

The Case:  Paul V. Guaschino, 61, of 1149 E. Middle Tpke., Manchester was charged with second-degree threatening, second-degree criminal mischief and breach of peace for attacking another person's car, according to police.

The OMG PD Twist: Police report that Guaschino took a baseball bat to the other car after the driver saw an "Impeach Obama" sticker on Guaschino's car and gave him the finger.  Guaschino then followed the driver to a stop light, got out of his car and struck the victim's car trunk with a baseball bat, leaving a dent, police said.

The Case: Mohammad Farooq, 43, of 143 Candlewood Dr. in South Windsor was charged with third-degree criminal mischief for damaging his neighbor's door, according to police.

The OMG PD Twist: Police report that Farooq's neighbor filmed him throwing shoes at the door repeatedly. Farooq told police that he had struck the door in two instances because of an argument over noise, according to police.

The Case: Police are looking for a masked man who robbed a Windsor gas station while armed with a handgun.

The OMG PD Twist: Police said they believe the suspect could be linked to a Windsor Locks Subway robbery because he wore the same monkey mask during both robberies. However, Windsor Police Captain Tom LePore added that there is no forensic evidence definitively connecting the two crimes to one suspect.

The Case: Brittany Rugar, 26, of Foxcroft Road, West Hartford was charged with driving under the influence after getting into a minor accident with a police cruiser, according to poilce.

The OMG PD Twist: Police report that Rugar was "completely unaware" that she had been in an accident. She was unresponsive in her running car in Middletown when police knocked on her window, partially rousing her and causing her foot to slide off the brake, police said. An officer drove in front of her car and stopped it by allowing the car to strike his rear bumper, according to police.

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