East Haven Board of Police Commissioners Approves $450,000 Civil Rights Settlement

Settlement allows the town to move forward

An ugly chapter in the town’s history moved another step closer toward resolution as the Board of Police Commissioners officially signed off on a $450,000 settlement between nine plaintiffs who alleged civil rights violations committed by East Haven police officers, the New Haven Register reports. 

Since February the Police Department has been leaving civil immigration enforcement up to the federal government, the Register reports. Officials stressed that this is not a new development, the Register reports. 

The suit, which was filed by Latino residents and businesses in 2010 alleged police officers tried to drive Latinos out of town through discrimination and violence, the Register reports. 

Four police officers have been indicted with civil rights abuses, but two officers pleaded guilty to reduced charges. 

Town officials have stressed that the settlement is in no way an admission of any wrongdoing, but was important to have the town move forward. 


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