Why I Am Voting for President Barack Obama

Election Day is Tomorrow

Very simply put, President Obama has done a lot of good for this country. That being said, he has also done some not so good. Overall, however, I fully support him as President and he will be receiving my vote for the following reasons-

With Obamacare, the President has helped approximately 5.6 million seniors and people with disabilities with affording prescription drugs. He has also helped 17 million children with pre-existing conditions who now cannot be denied coverage.

The President doubled funding for Pell Grants and established a tax credit for college students which helped over 9 million students afford tutition.

The President signed 18 tax cuts for small businesses and supported loans to help small businesses.

The President cut taxes by approximately 3,600 dollars for the average, middle-class family making 50,000 dollars. 

The President passed Wall Street Reform which forces the banks to become accountable so that another recession will not happen.

Lastly, The President saved over 1 million jobs by saving the auto industry.

All of this information can be fact checked by using the internet. Most of this information came from several independent resources such as newspapers.

These are the important issues for me because these are the issues that directly impact me and that is why I am voting for President Obama tomorrow. Everyone has their own opinions and many will not share the same as me. I truly believe the country is moving in a positive direction. 

I will not bash Governor Romney but I will state the facts. If Governor Romney was such a good Governor, why are his states of Michigan (Born and father was Governor) and Masschusetts (Raised) not leaning towards him? Governor Romney left Bain Capital after Bain took over and bankrupted several different businesses. Governor Romney stated he would have let Detroit go bankrupt in reference to the auto industry. Governor Romney, more of his Vice- Preidential Pick's idea, would like to made Medicare and/or Medicaid a voucher program. This would mean that people could possily not get the treatment they need because the vouchers are not worth enough. There has also been talk of Romney wanting to privatize social security which is an ideal this country depends on and has depended on for over 70 years.

This country has come far since 2008 when we were starting our financial hardship. I think everyone can agree that it is obviously extremely difficult to take office in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. I will say, as a side note, the financial crisis was not caused by George W. Bush. The financial crisis was caused by many other facots but we cannot and should not blame just President Bush. President Obama has worked hard and tirelessly to make this country great again and I believe we should give him another four years. He did not have and does not have a magic wand that can make the economy better over night but with another four years, he can certainly work to make it better.

I urge everyone to get out and vote! 

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Anthony M November 06, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Because you are a misinformed sheep.
Patrick Madley November 06, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Anthony, it is my opinion. I vote based on my opinion and you vote base on yours. Very simple.
Robert D. Hoff - Working for a better East Haven November 07, 2012 at 03:58 AM
Thank You Mr Poulton for those kind words.
Sam Giglio November 07, 2012 at 08:40 PM
It was nice to see all the comments, and yes most of you think i was crazy to support the President, So now its Wednesday Nov 7, 2012 Seams to me like America has voted for the right man.
Sam Giglio November 07, 2012 at 09:02 PM
It seams that the National Republican Party Leadership has been lost in a Corn Maze and can find there way out on how to relate to the American People, All they did for the last four years is try to upset and defeat the President, not work for all the People. It backfired on them big time. Soon they will be looking four years out and if they continue to act the same way they will lose again


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