McCann: When the Class Clown Gets Control of the Classroom we all pay $10K

CAjones April 01, 2014 at 05:35 PM
No matter how you much you like writing your blog. In the end your words are pointless and empty. It may infuriate you that no one is paying attention to these clever yarns you spin. The voters have spoken, and they will continue to re-elect Joe. Most people feel comfortable with his solid money management style, his regular guy mannerisms. This man has his fans and plenty of them. These folks will always re-elect him and ignore the rubbish you write about. This is what keeps you up at night. You are bitter and Jealous that he is so popular. It's lucky for you that your rants are so carefully orchestrated as to come real close to the line of being libelous, but only straddle that line. You maybe one wisecrack away from some real legal problems smart guy. Oh and you can call all the attack dogs you like, it won't stop me from calling you what you are.


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