The Mayor Took a Raise, and The World Is Coming to An End!

The Mayor took a raise, and the world is coming to an end!

 The real problem isn't the raise and everyone knows it. The problem is that this republican got a raise. Let's not let any other facts get in the way of one fact, he is Joe Maturo. McCann can't stand him and the democratic leadership will say anything to discredit him. It really sticks in their collective craw that he's in office.

It matters not how he manages town accounts and balances the budget. In fact it doesn't matter how many businesses he brings into our town or how many positive accomplishments he can take credit for. The only thing that matters is he's republican and he's Joe Maturo. Period.

 So unless he is willing to change his name and party affiliation, he will be taunted for every fart he cuts. Oh but wait, republican Joe Maturo keeps getting elected. So why should he change a thing? He keeps getting re-elected because those who count, the voters say Yes to republican Joe Maturo. Thankfully they see through all the ridiculous rhetoric. The voters love republican Joe Maturo. They keep voting for him because they trust him with their money. So keep trying to denigrate the man, all you sore losing "leaders" of democrats and nay saying chinless twits, and we will continue to re-elect republican Joe Maturo.

 Oh and by the way, I got your boots so here's a pair you can start lickin.

DB Cooper April 06, 2014 at 10:10 PM
Lou you need to get some rest and recover the chemo is making you wacky...
Magdalen Sparaco April 20, 2014 at 10:50 AM
Look at this raise objectively. Think about the position and not the person. For a conscientious Mayor, this raise is not worth an argument. By the way, it's a done deal so why fuss about it. A good working Mayor does not have a 9 to 5 jobl, more like a 24/7. Along with the regular daily time spent in the Mayor's Office, he or she attends wakes, funerals, town night meetings, town emergencies, town events, repesents at Regional events and meetings, etc., etc. Put it all together and the hourly wage is lower than minimum wage. I witnessed it with Mayor Bob Norman and Mayor April Capone. So what's the fuss? If the voters think that the Mayor is not worth the pay, then the voters should vote he or she out of office. Don't try to deprive future Mayors of raises because you don't like this one.
Richard Poulton April 20, 2014 at 11:24 AM
Magdalen, I am impressed with your comment. Totally agree. One quick comment though, you mentioned don't like the raise Maturo got vote him out, one problem any incoming mayor gets the same amount. Changing the mayor doesn't change the pay. But now I just know we will get all the comments that if so-in-so got in he wouldn't take a raise. Sounds wonderful during an election. Enjoy the day.
George Kenyon April 20, 2014 at 04:28 PM
Have we hired a Fire Marshal yet? Short answer, no...Because we are supposidly pinching pennies.. This is not a done deal, it may have been voted on in the past. But it did not have to be submitted on his budget...Like her or not, April did just that......as far as a 24/7 position, again I beg to differ. GOOD LUCK FINDING HIM after lunch most days....He is even on record as saying he works part time.


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