Patch's Poll: Does America Need More Gun Control?

In the wake of the movie theater massacre in Colorado which left 12 people dead, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called on President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to push for stricter gun laws.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling on President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney to propose stricter gun control laws following last week's which left 12 people dead and 59 wounded in Colorado, The Huffington Post reports

“This really is an enormous problem for the country, and it's up to these two presidential candidates," Bloomberg said, according to the Huffington Post. "They want to lead this country, and they've said things before that they're in favor of banning things like assault weapons. Where are they now and why don't they stand up? And if they want our votes, they better.”    

According to The Huffington Post, the alleged Colorado shooter, James Holmes, acquired his arsenal of weapons, ammunition and body armor over several months from the Internet and brick-and-mortar stores alike. His purchases did not raise any red flags.   

Proponents of gun rights, however, argue that a vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens and that criminals who commit these kinds of massacres aren't obeying laws already in place, so wouldn't obey stricter ones either. 

Dudley Brown, executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, commented on Holmes' 6,000 rounds of ammunition for an assault rifle.

"If I only had 6,000 rounds for my AR-15s, I'd literally feel naked," Brown said, according to The Huffington Post. Holmes' arsenal included "two handguns, a shotgun and a rifle. That's the average male in Colorado."

What do you think? Should the U.S. adopt stricter gun laws? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Sam Samuels August 01, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Daria, you have my vote!
Abe Washington August 01, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Open carry is Breach of Peace. Must be concealed in Connecticut unless law enforcement.
George Kenyon August 01, 2012 at 12:12 PM
@ Abe- Open carry (of a legally possessed firearm) is not Breach of Peace in and of it self, The courts as well as the Board of Firearms Examiners have all ruled on this. Connecticut has no laws requiring concealment. Merely carrying a firearm openly actually violates no state laws. A car horn can alarm someone too but unless used to annoy somone, its not illegal. Below is some further reference on clarification of "open" carry". http://www.ccdl.us/attachments/099_CCDL%20Carry%20Brochure%20v2b.pdf
Dave krocket August 01, 2012 at 12:49 PM
George is correct: Is there any CT General Statute gun law prescribing that firearms must be carried concealed? The answer is no. The law does not address this issue. But, with limited exceptions, it is illegal to carry a handgun, whether concealed or openly, without a permit, except in one's home or place of business (CGS § 29-35(a) Therefore everyone in Madison who has a gun permit should holster up and walk around town with their gun exposed to make the criminal element think twice.
Dave krocket August 01, 2012 at 01:01 PM
To target practice, you don't even have to be at least 500 feet away from another person, domestic animal or home like most people think. That's a hunting requirement. So I guess it is legal to sit on your back deck with some of your buddies with guns and blast off some rounds at a tin can in your yard even with homes and other neighbors right next to you, as long as you are pointing the gun away from them. Right George?


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