On Tonight: The Departed, America's Next Top Model: College Edition and Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice

Here are some Friday night TV tips.

Friday, August 24

Dirk Langeveld is filling in for Elissa Bass while she is on vacation. She will resume this column on Aug. 28.

The Departed, 6:30 p.m., FX

I have a theory that the Dropkick Murphys are responsible for the Red Sox wins in both the 2004 World Series, where they dusted off the old Royal Rooters song “Tessie,” and the 2007 Series, where Jonathan Papelbon made the winning pitch several games after dancing in his underwear to “I’m Shippin’ Up To Boston.” The latter song also shows up in this movie so Martin Scorsese might well thank the band for breaking his own “Best Picture” curse at the Oscars.

America’s Next Top Model: College Edition, 8 p.m., CW

This is in its 19th season? Am I that old or do they manage to sneak four seasons into a year?

Bering Sea Gold: Fortune Under the Ice, 9 p.m., Discovery

Why hasn’t Discovery just relocated its headquarters to Dutch Harbor at this point? Tonight, extreme gold panning as people look for the precious metal beneath the surface of the tempestuous Bering Sea. And trade insults with crab boat captains, presumably.


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