Nothing Will Keep EHYS from Playing Today!

U14 Goalkeeper Sierra Sault helping to mark where the lines should go.
U14 Goalkeeper Sierra Sault helping to mark where the lines should go.
As long as we have dedicated people willing to pitch in, no one can stop our kids from playing soccer.  We got one field lined this morning, and the other field is being worked on now.  The town still needs to do it professionally, but at least we can play this weekend. 
Jeryl Massini-Ryan April 29, 2014 at 07:33 AM
Yes, sometimes is does get very wet and muddy, absolutely. However, no one can predict when that's going to happen. Even if the news is calling for rain, half the time it doesn't, or it's not as bad as they thought and it's not a good gamble for someone to think, "oh, they won't be playing three days from now anyway". If the refs deem the field safe, we play. If they deem it unsafe, we don't play. Best to get the job done in good weather, of which we had much, during the entire month they had before our opening day.
Patrick Paulson April 29, 2014 at 07:58 AM
again not looking for a out , but please also keep in mind the dept is 6 deep . alot of work on their plate . besides the mowing end , there is 2 soccer fields , high school fields , mem. fields , foxon fields , deer run field , momauguin fields have to be ready for play and everyone wants to play . when your cutting 133 acres and 11 schools with 72 in. mowers it takes time , weed whacking . they need resources and the dept.is understaffed . i understand your cry but other parents feel the same way you do . ask town hall what can be done . thanks
Jeryl Massini-Ryan April 29, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Patrick - what I need you to understand is that we were not told that they were understaffed and had to much to do, which would certainly be understandable and we would have had time to come up with an alternate plan - asking the opponents if we could play at their field, etc. What we were told was that we never told them that we needed it in the first place. I am not arguing the point that the department is understaffed and has too much to do - I'm sure that is a HUGE problem. But let's get back on track to what the real issue is - the real issue is that we continually contacted them about it, beginning a month before opening day and then the day before opening day, they lied and said that we never told them we needed the fields. That is what the issue is. We can work around understaffed and overworked - we cannot work around being lied to and left twisting in the wind at the last minute. Asking the town hall about what can be done about being understaffed and overworked is all well and good, but contacting them and saying "so and so lied to us, boo hoo", isn't going to get anything done. :-)
Patrick Paulson April 29, 2014 at 08:03 PM
Can't understand the lying part , who did. And what was their explanation
Jeryl Massini-Ryan April 29, 2014 at 09:15 PM
Not sure why you need to know, Patrick, but as far as I go, Frank Gentilesco and Steve Kluth, because Frank is the person that I personally spoke with and he said he was getting info from Steve Kluth. I know that other people involved in the league spoke with people as well, but it is not my place to name the people that they spoke with. As far as what their explanation was, I've gone over it numerous times between this post and my other one, so I feel no need to rehash it again.


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