Let's Talk about the Issues

The town is on the right track.

Everyone in East Haven realizes this is an election year. One can tell by the rhetoric that has been spread around town lately. So I thought I would ask for input from all the readers on what the issues are.

Let’s do that. But first I’d like to look back at what’s been accomplished in the last three years:

Now that…

The deficit will be zero in July and the next fiscal year will see money going into the fund balance.

The mill rate can come down a bit.

The way of projecting a budget will no longer allow for the overestimating of revenues to balance it.

We have a mayor who really does chair the board of finance meetings.

All the districts have had major improvements made in the last three years.

The Town Hall has been brought back to its glory days

Our schools have new roofs and solar panels that saved the Board of Education $60,000 in the short few months that they have been working.

The planning and zoning commission has finally stopped the quarrying in the fifth district from the applicants that donated thousands of dollars to the republican town committee to get the past commission to allow them to pull out hundreds of thousands of dollars, all while the people who live there suffered.

The library has been the recipient of great improvements that never happened under the republican administration.

The public works department gets things done to save the taxpayers money instead of going to private companies so kickbacks can continue.

Now that…

Main Street is as straight as it can be; because the fountain never should have been build in the middle of the road.

The heat is off in the old high school.

The school board reconfigured the school system so the leases on Dodge Avenue can be terminated and moved into a town-owned building that will save the BOE hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The splash pad is something every young family in town enjoys.

The Foxon Recreation Building has new windows and repairs have been made to the building

The Foxon Fire House and community housing building has a new roof.

The lease at the old C&F Cheese building is long broken and a new building built with state grant money houses the two street sweepers on public works property, instead of paying out $4,300 a month.

The out-of-town people have to purchase parking passes to use our beautiful beach and the new playscapes.

Memorial Field has a wonderful new playscape for the children to play on without getting slivers.

I know I must have left some accomplishments out, but I know you can see that things have gotten a lot better for the people of East Haven in the last three years.

So let’s start solving the real issues. What are they?

Please consider the effects of the worst economy in this nation’s history since the great depression, for these ramifications exist in every town and city in the country, not just here in East Haven. Even with that, though, we do have a few new businesses in town.

Would we like more? Of course, and the Economic Development Commission is at work on this problem. The commission meets the fourth Monday of every month at 250 Main St. and would welcome your input. So if you have the time to stop in, please do.

Ann Della Camera August 13, 2011 at 03:50 AM
Well Gene, 2 things, first you never answered my question about how many family members of the Mauro family and friends hold town job, Now I can tell you about the Wetland hearing, held Wednesday night, they voted as you know 2 to 3, however, the ringer that was tossed in that night to vote, was new, had no knowledge of the situation and it is my understanding he should have abstained, This I am checking with Policy and Management, in Hartford. I have been there before and will now persue this situation. Does the mayor think we are stupid, that we would not check that vote. Come on Gene.
Richard Poulton August 13, 2011 at 12:08 PM
Totally correct in what Ann commented on. That new member didn't even have a set of regulations to refer too. He didn't know what he was voting on, just did what his "leaders" did. I do want to comment on Mr. Albis advising the commission he would not have any comments as to the Garrish Ave agenda item for it would be a conflct of interest on his part. Maybe someone should check the records for the Three Stone Pillars people and another attorney involved in this this and see what they find.
Ann Della Camera August 14, 2011 at 04:10 AM
Thanks Richard, I don't think anyone notices or knew it was not a legal vote. I am hoping to get an answer from Policy and management. I can spot a ringer when I see one. I felt what they did in that vote was in insult to my intelligence. If you find out more please let me know too ok. I think a civil action in in the winds. Thanks
Richard Poulton August 14, 2011 at 12:39 PM
There is a window of time in appealing a wetlands permit. It is 15 days after actions & decisions are posted in legal notices ( C.G.S. 8-8 ). But I will guarintee no such notice will appear. This commission, under current leadership (Staunton) ,has never made such notice as required by law. Statute allows for non posting and allows for posting by applicant instead, within 10 days after the 15 day time limit (C.G.S. 22a-42a(d)(1). Either way, appeal to Superior Court is within 15 days after legal notice. You can file without attorney, get proper papers from clerk of the court and pay filing fee. But better off using one. This is a good case to appeal. Tie it up in court for years.
Ann Della Camera August 15, 2011 at 03:05 AM
I am to check with Hartford first, I might get a ruling about its being legal for that vote. I am, sure its not. I will not let time slip by me, that is for sure. Good advice Richard


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