“It’s the 21st century, not the 17th”

A look at some of the best — and most bold — comments from Patch account holders in Milford and neighboring towns.

North Branford: “It's the 21st century, not the 17th. Blue laws don't stop anybody from drinking as much as they want, they simply inconvenience people who want to buy a legal, widely-consumed item. It's time to shake off this piece of our Puritan past.”

In a poll asking , as Gov. Dannel Malloy is pushing for, the majority were in agreement.

East Haven: “The Occupy movement continues to change the conversation around the world. Who would imagine Republicans would be accusing each other of being vulture capitalists (as an insult!!!!), or David Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain talking about executive pay caps? The Occupy continues!”

A recent looks at how the group compares to a historic French movement from the 19th century. This reader believes political discourse has changed due to the Occupy crowd.  

East Haven: “The ignorance or bias of the Occupy movement was clearly demonstrated by their ‘Occupy’ of the Republican primaries, ignoring the Democrats. Obama has raised over 200 million dollars, substantially more than any Republican. And yet there is silence from the "Occupy" movement about getting money out of their party's politics.”

The Occupy movement remains divisive among Patch readers, . This reader bemoans the perceived difference in treatment of the political parties.


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