‘I'm scared to ask, but what is a pork ribbette?’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the area.

North Branford: “You mean you don't want your kids eating fried chicken every Monday, or that vegetable free lunch of pancakes, smiley face potatoes and baked beans? Mind you the vegetables are all canned so they offer very little nutritious value anyway. And I'm scared to ask, but what is a pork ribbette?” A prompted this sarcastic reply – and serious question.

Stratford: Billions of dollars to put in an exit in an already congested area. And now, health risks to myself, my children, and my grandchildren who are located in a close radius of the job site. Everyone who was involved in this decision should feel deep shame, that they did not think of the obvious!!!!!!! The buried contamination right under the bulldozer!!!” Construction on Interstate 95 . There are concerns the construction might release a toxic gas that could permeate the soil, release into the air, and find its way into the basements of houses.

Milford: “Low electrical rates are great. Now turn off the lights when you leave the room and save even more.” The City of Milford because of a new rate, but this reader wants it to go a step further.  


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