'I Can Spot the Wee Beasties Pretty Quickly'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the region.

Milford: “They aren't kidding about early emergence. I have been picking ticks (both deer and dog) off my pups for over a month. Luckily they are mostly white dogs, so I can spot the wee beasties pretty quickly.” The warm weather means warns Milford Patch blogger . Reader backs up his claim. 

East Haven: “East Haven residents ARE caring people and NOBODY is going to tell me different. However, not everyone feels the need to contort ourselves into pretzels just to garner the approval of EVERYONE who happens to believe they are our self-appointed judge and jury.” about police officers’ alleged profiling of Latinos continues. addresses the critics of the town. 

North Branford: “I am a dog owner and I do not support the dog park. Our town is a rural community with ample safe open space for dogs and their owners to walk. If dog owners walk their dogs responsibly there should be no need for a fenced in 'park'. Inevitably, a dog park will cost the town money and increase our taxes or it will likely become an eye sore that the town has to pay to remove when the fan fare wears off and it becomes neglected by it's promoters.” are on hold. hopes it stays that way permanently.


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