Hectic Driving

School bus drivers risk precious cargo.

Elliot: Pat, what do you think about the way the school bus drivers drive?

Patrick: I think some drive very well while others drive like maniacs.

Elliot: Why would you say that, Pat?

Patrick: The other day while I was driving, one of the best drivers cut me off but I do not know if it was an East Haven bus driver because some of the buses from New Haven pick up kids in East Haven.

Elliot: Yes, that is a good point because where I wait for the bus, a bus driver cuts the corner and almost hits all the kids at my bus stop regularly. And he only stopped when our bus driver asked us if he did that everyday and spoke with that bus company. I think it was a New Haven bus.

Patrick: How do you know it was a New Haven bus?

Elliot: It said First Student on the side, which is the bus service that picks up for New Haven. Pat, why would you also say that the bus drivers drive crazy?

Patrick: There are some exceptions, like the bus driver we have, but some think they own the whole road.

Elliot: I agree with both statements, but what do you think could stop this problem?

Patrick: I think they should have regular inspections that are at random, and maybe ask some of the students on those buses.

Elliot: I think that it is a great idea, but how would you pick the students to ask?

Patrick: I do not know about that yet.

Elliot: Speaking of buses, I remember you telling me about how the buses were in bad shape. Is this true?

Patrick: Yes, that is true I heard that they do not repair them; they just give the bus drivers a new bus.

Elliot: The bus must be in bad shape. Do you happen to know what the budget is to repair the buses?

Patrick: There is no budget because they hire the bus company.

Elliot: That is good to know, Pat.

Patrick: What is your overall opinion of the bus driver that you see on a daily basis?

Elliot: I think they could improve on their skills a little. That's it for now

Patrick: See ya!


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