Sabatino: East Haven Residents - Come on Down!

When I attended the Mayor’s State of the Town / Budget address, I was a little surprised. 

There was nothing he said that surprised me or a moment that left me stunned. It was the number of residents in the seats. 

If you took out the department heads and Town Council members who had to attend, there were less than 40 people in the East Haven High School Auditorium.

East Haven residents are hard working, passionate, community-minded individuals. It’s time to put some of that passion and sense of community to work.

It’s time more residents start attending the various East Haven Town meetings. This goes beyond the Democratic, Republican, Independent and even the Trolley Party. 

These meetings give you an opportunity to see the people you voted for in action. 

Attending may also give you peace of mind knowing your vote went to the right person. The best voter is an informed voter; there are more than a dozen ways for all of us to become more informed. 

The meetings are at various times and days, so there’s something for everyone’s schedule. 

Just a few examples: Town Council, Planning and Zoning, Board of Finance, Board of Education and The Police commissioners meeting. 

Truthfully, that list just scratches the surface. 

Some of the most important meetings are coming; I’m referring the final budget presentations to our Town Council. 

For a full list of meetings take a look at www.townofeasthavenct.org and you’ll find everything you need to weave yourself deeper into the fabric of our community.

Be Well -

Ed Sabatino,

Vice Chairman East Haven Democratic Town Committee

Ed Sabatino April 06, 2014 at 07:58 AM
Nick, there's no deal that was cut with this current leadership. I will never sling mud in this forum or bark for answers regarding the DTC. I wil call Peter and meet with him face to face and get an answer. If there's a real situation, I will bring it to the entire DTC.
Dave Hausler April 06, 2014 at 09:02 AM
You make a great point, Ed. Residents of East Haven get the government they deserve when they pay no attention to its workings. The only issue I have found in the past is this: Certain committees, specifically the Board of Education, seem to reflexively resort to using Executive Session as a way to cut the public out of the political process. Sometimes the public can be downright disruptive, and this is a contrasting point: if you are going to attend a public committee meeting, refrain from speaking unless you are recognized by the Chair. Perhaps if someone posted a series on the Patch explaining the rules of committee for the layman, along with the calendar of meetings, it might stir more engagement.
Richard Poulton April 06, 2014 at 09:22 AM
As to article topic, it would be nice if the public would attend the meetings of various boards & commissions. But here is one problem with that as I see it. As for the T/C and budgets issues currently under review, does the T/C actually take into consideration public comments one way or the other? We have a say, but thats about it. As for the public attending such as a P&Z hearing, yes they show but only when something effects a certain neighborhood. Why would someone living in Foxon even go if something is happening on the shoreline. It would be nice to get the public to attend, but not all hearings are open for public comment. The Police Union president was complianing about using headquarters for P/C meetings, and it should be returned to the Senior Center for the public can't use headquarters. Number one he is wrong. Number 2, how many people actually attend these meetings that would require a large capacity room? Let's take the wetlands commission hearings. The public has no say what so ever, can listen in but thats it. The meetings are classified as administrative in nature by the courts and public has no input - UNLESS the commission determines having one falls within meeting one or more of three condictions. Then a PUBLIC HEARING is held. So why would the public even attand a simple meeting? But like Ed mentions, can't even get the public, the tax payers in town that pay the bills, to show up at a very important meeting such as the State of the Town recently held. Could it be they just don't care, or feel they have no say in anything, or their lives are just to busy to go? As for the budget, maye EH should go the route as other municipalities, budget goes to a vote by the public. Some towns actually vote on school budget alone.
Richard Poulton April 06, 2014 at 10:13 AM
Dave, very good points. I know Roberts Rules are tried to be followed, well as close as possible. But the masses can be very disrupted as you stated. Ever see a video of the British Parliament in session? Everyone yelling and clapping, screaming for one side of the others views? An these are the elected members doing it. This is what some public hearings are like here in EH. Very difficult to control. As for your comment as to meetings held, everyone available on the towns web site, viewing town clerks site. But, if anyone has any questions about the wetlands commission I would be glad to answer right here.
Peter T. Cianelli April 08, 2014 at 05:35 PM
Nick....in all fairness to Ed Sabatino who I think is a real stand up person ..... Ed never sat down with us and made deal......


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