Coe Avenue Drug and Alcohol Group Home In The Works?

I ran into Billy Buckets this morning over by Our Oasis. For those who don't know Billy Buckets, he's our resident bum. Billy patrols the south end of town in the area of Hemingway and Coe Avenue, riding an old bicycle with a plastic milk bucket attached, carrying his life's possessions with him as he goes. Billy was visibly excited today. I thought he might have been tripping on some acid but he told me a residential property on Coe Ave is about to be purchased by some outfit and set up as a group home for alcoholics and drug addicts. Billy was happy that he won't have to sleep in dumpsters come next winter. He'll have a place to hang out, eat, drink and sleep. No more dropping deuces behind trees on the town green. I asked Billy what he thought of the fact that nearby property values will be shot to shit when this type of operation moves into a neighborhood. Billy reflected for a moment and then he said "Well, them folks can always move to Foxon". 
Richard Poulton April 11, 2014 at 09:49 AM
Good morning Bob. You posted this on a conversation you had with someone "unstable". Why didn't you research what you were told, dig a little deeper, check with P&Z, etc...? Then write a complete article with substance. I did check the posted minutes of recent P&Z meetings for you and nothing mentioned.
George Kenyon April 12, 2014 at 07:21 PM
People bitch there's no help for people; but when someone tries to do something to help it starts a rumor mill pissing match. Ever stop to think how many vets or average Joes got hooked due to shitty doctors? People seeking treatment or life in sober houses are actually trying to fix their problems and better themselves?


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