Back to School (and Trying to Save Money)

School supplies and new clothes ... it can all add up. But does it have to?

Back-to-school season is upon us all, and I am so not looking forward to the over-rated shopping that goes along with this time of year.

The only things I really believe the kids need are school supplies like back packs, note books, planners and pens and pencils. It’s easiest to buy them the basics to get them started until teachers give them the detailed list of items they will need.

Of course they all need new sneakers, socks and underwear, but not necessarily fall clothes because it’s just too hot to wear them. September and October are relatively warm months, and most of the kids wear shorts and T-shirts anyway.

What is all the hype about getting parents to spend money on new school clothes anyway?

On the Hunt for Deals

Making back-to-school expenses as cost effective as possible is a big deal in our current economy, so why not check out all the best deals you can find?

Shopping online can save major bucks! EBay has some awesome deals, and major department stores have saving coupons if you subscribe to their emails.

Most kids want to be comfortable while still looking cool, and there are great deals to be found out there in outlet stores. I have also found amazing deals at thrift stores like Goodwill and Savers in Orange.

People are cleaning out closets and donating items that are barely used or worn at all. I have actually found items with the original tags from stores still on them.

If your kids are into labels, check out Clinton Crossing and the Tanger Outlets. They have stores like Areopostale, Nike, Adidas, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. I have found shirts and pants starting at only $5 and footwear regularly priced as much as $80, for only $30.

For kids that are into that hip hop look, check out Pay Half Clothing on Route 80 in Foxon. They sell everything from clothes to accessories and footwear to underwear.


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