Steve Fontana: A Candidate of Real Hope and Setting the Record Straight

Get to know Steve Fontana, candidate for State Senate District 34 & hear what he has to say about false claims made by his opponent on Steve and Wallingford Electric.

Steve Fontana: Getting to know a Candidate of Real Hope and Setting  the Record Straight


Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and meet with Steve Fontana, the Democratic candidate for Connecticut State Senate seat of the 34th district representing Wallingford, North Haven, East Haven, and Durham.  Mr. Fontana is a very pleasant man, who has the ability to easily make one feel comfortable in his presence and make you feel as if you are truly being listened to. His calm demeanor is also accompanied by a level-headed and thought out, intelligent approach in speaking about what he wants to do.  His voice also has a great radio type quality, which made interviewing him even more enjoyable. Although his points made sense when discussing them, he never once hesitated to clarify anything I asked about.


When I asked the candidate why he was running, he stated he wants to rebuild the Middle Class.  The way things are now is the result of years of of making it making it difficult to make ends meet. Going door to door for the last 6 months, Fontana states that he has consistently heard people say that the Middle Class is disappearing and this is not the America we want to live in.


During the 1950s, 60s and 70s, good policy and prosperity built the Middle Class and the American Dream. People were able to plan for their future and their children’s future. We were able to plan and pass down the American Dream to our children. Now the Middle Class is squeezed and disappearing. We need to do something to save it.


Going door to door, Fontana heard people say they had trouble affording taking care of and planning for their kids, homes, higher education, retirement. He also heard them say we need to sustain a prosperous economy as well as build wealth.


He stated that he wants to rebuild the Middle Class and has a very specific four point plan for doing that. Fontana states that his plan is basically comprised of:  Making Higher Education More Affordable,: Promoting Small-Business Growth And Reining In Energy And Healthcare Costs, Ensuring A More Secure Retirement For Seniors, Supporting Family Life And Building Stronger Communities.  You can check it out in detail at his website: http://stephenfontana.com/2012/  with PDF links which are more involved, but straightforward and specific. He also cites very specific examples of how the methods have worked in different places and why.


Fontana says the state should talk about these issues instead of talking about many diversions such as medical marijuana. The focus should be on rebuilding the Middle Class and he is  running because there is not enough attention given to these issues. His opponent doesn’t have the right priorities.


Government needs to work, no gridlock or stagnation. Legislators need to work together to get things done. Fontana wants to work with that priority during the next two years, the term of a State Senator. Young people, families raising kids, going to school, surviving in retirement, all of us need to see that the American Dream is Real. In the past, the Middle Class had the security and were able to invest in the future of the Middle Class. People were comfortable in making decisions. Decisions to invest.


The young are asked to shoulder a lot of debt (student loans).  We need to ask is the education they are receiving not helping them get the job needed to pay off that debt. We are running out of money and there is a need to get the right kind of jobs. People are saying that they want to provide security for kids, to have benefits, a good and well paying job, economic security, to be able to buy and not lose a home, to be able to afford higher education.


I highly recommend checking out Steve Fontana’s plan which can be found in the link earlier in this article.  I am sure you will be impressed at it’s clarity and depth on the four points he mentions earlier. Mr. Fontana stated that his opponent seems unable to support bringing down costs which for small business, but rather sticks up for large corporations. Much partisan ideology keeps prices for health care and energy artificially high for small business making it harder to compete. Please check out his plan for further info in his plan to help small businesses in this economy at http://stephenfontana.com/2012/pdfs/Jobs_Economy_Plan.pdf .


At the end of a campaign, people sometimes make false claims when there’s a week to go before the election-saying something that isn’t true.  Steve Fontana wants to make it clear that “Wallingford Electric does a great job and has no plans for changing anything about it. It should remain as it is, as it has for years.” 


In an excerpt from a recent press release Fontana states“His campaign mailer claims, without a shred of evidence, that I’ve taken some sort of position on Wallingford Electric’s autonomy. Len Fasano is simply wrong,” Fontana said. “I DO NOT support any changes in Wallingford Electric’s structure or governance and I’ve never said at any time that I do. I challenge Len Fasano to provide evidence to the contrary.”


“What’s more, people who've worked with me on energy issues, like State Representative Mary Mushinsky, know the truth: I think Wallingford Electric does an excellent job, should be independent and remain so,” Fontana added. “I’ve never made a statement otherwise and Len Fasano should know better.”


His opponent has used this as a scare tactic to frighten voters in to thinking something that isn’t true to take votes away from the Steve Fontana. There is no clearer proof of this than his opponent giving no evidence to support his claims whereas Steve Fontana can give specific evidence such as in his voting record. The opponent has nothing to back up his views except what he has said.


I am adding my note that his opponent is an incumbent that has run unopposed for years and has a truly qualified challenger in Steve Fontana, who has much experience serving as State Representative. He also is a very positive person who wants to offer real hope to people instead of negativity.

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