Still Without Power? UI Asks Homeowners to Check Their Electrical System

United Illuminating urges customers who are still without power at their home to check the electrical system on their property, as the 
restoration effort continues following Hurricane Sandy.

The following is a press release from the United Illuminating Company.

The United Illuminating Company, electric subsidiary of UIL Holdings Corporation (NYSE: UIL), reminds those customers still without power to check that the electrical system on their property is undamaged and capable of accepting electrical service.

UI is responsible for repairing the incoming service wire leading to a home or business, including the service connectors that attach UI’s service to the property’s electrical system (see graphic).

It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure there is no damage to the wires and equipment after the connection point, as well as the entrance cable and the meter base to which the meter is attached. (UI generally owns and maintains the meter and will repair it if it is broken.) Before UI can reconnect electrical service, any damage on the property owner’s side must first be repaired by a licensed electrician.

“As we continue to make steady headway with the overall restoration effort, it’s important that customers inspect the electric system on their own property. If there is reason to believe it is damaged, they should have a licensed electrician inspect it and make repairs,” said Anthony J. Vallillo, UI’s president and chief operating officer. “Unfortunately, failure to take this step could further delay the return of service.”

A common cause of damage to a home’s electrical system is when the service wire is pulled from the connection to the property.

After beating its restoration goals on Thursday and Friday, UI continued to make solid progress toward its ultimate objective of restoring all customers’ electric service. As of 3 p.m. Saturday, 34,753 customers remained with power, and the company had performed approximately 215,000 restorations since Storm Sandy.

Company officials have set a goal for a total of 15,000 to 20,000 restorations on Saturday, and the company has pledged to have power to 95 percent of customers by the end of the day Monday.

“While we’re proud of our crews and the progress they’ve made, we’re also aware that there are still many customers waiting for their service to be restored. Many of our own employees also have no power at their homes. We are grateful for our customers’ patience as we recover from one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the region,” said James P. Torgerson, chief executive officer of UIL Holdings.

As always, UI also reminds its customers to stay safe and follow these safety practices:

  • Assume downed, damaged or dangling power lines are live and dangerous.
  • Avoid anything in which these power lines might be in contact, such as trees or fences.
  • Keep children and pets indoors and away from danger.
  • Be mindful of the smell of natural gas.

To report a downed power line, an electrical power outage, or natural gas odor, call your utility right away with the location and any specifics.

The toll-free numbers are:

  • The United Illuminating Company: 800-7-CALL-UI (1-800-722-5584)
  • Southern Connecticut Gas Company: 800-513-8898
  • Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation: 866-924-5325
  • Berkshire Gas Company: 800-292-5012


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