LETTER: 'Why the No Votes' on 200 Tyler Street Public Hearing?

The DTC Chairman urges residents to attend the upcoming public hearing on the old high school at 200 Tyler Street. And wonders why some Town Council members voted "No" on holding the town talk.

The following is an open letter to the East Haven Democratic Town Committee.

To the Editor:

Last night at the Town Council Meeting Mike Riolino made a motion to add an item to the agenda. The motion was to set a public hearing date for the .

The motion was added and voted on to set the date for Sept. 4, 2012.

The vote was not unanimous and note should be taken of those that voted no. The question should be asked of them and the Chairman: why the no votes?

Thanks to all the Democratic members and to those Republican members that felt this was the right thing to do for the town, the vote passed.

This public hearing will be the chance for what the people of East Haven think is best for our town.

The that was voted first in should be the option that should be done, if there are cost concerns then those should be discussed.

Thank you to all the council members who voted yes, transparency should always be the right way to go; .

Mark your calendars and if you have any concern at all about what happens to this building and what is right for our town this will be the time and place to have your voice heard.

Make it your business to be at this public meeting and be prepared to voice your opinion on this matter.

Gene Ruocco,

East Haven Democratic Town Committee Chairman

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ASmith August 09, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Can't do no wheeling and dealing out in the public. It's got to be behind closed doors, thats how this burg always operates. All meetins should be public.
Richard Poulton August 09, 2012 at 01:03 PM
I agree with Gene (wow). But I am afraid any public hearing about the HS will turn into a circus of sorts. Yes, the vote last Nov should be further looked into. Concerned about cost to tax payers. No official / on paper actual numbers have been produced. As time goes by cost will go up. Hate to burdin the next generations with a hugh bond. If the numbers are made available, let the voters vote on spending issue like other towns do. But lets see a real cost of such a project first. Easy to say we want this or that, but when it comes to cost voters may change their mind. Easy to say money is available, but think about the financial state of both the Fed's and this state. Budgets being cut to shreds. But yes, keep everything out in the open.
Lisa August 09, 2012 at 01:29 PM
If you're concerned, maybe you should go to the meeting.
Luigi (the original) August 09, 2012 at 01:43 PM
Richard, the people have voted on this and the Dem's are champion of their choice. It should not matter to anyone then how much it costs. The people are apparently willing to foot the bill regardless. I say we bond and tax this plan into motion. Hopefully these same champions of this plan remember who strapped them with the payment burden.
Dave Hausler August 25, 2012 at 02:32 AM
The plan to convert the school building back into a school is the surest plan to receive backing from the State in the form of construction grants. These grants could cover over half the costs to the town. It makes sense to do so in order to be able to continue consolidating the district into fewer buildings, which could save future generations millions over decades, whereas a bond would be paid off in a matter of years. Also, a renovated 200 Tyler Street could be used to provide temporary space for Melillo and the Academy while that property is renovated. That work is already years overdue. Then those two renovated buildings could allow for some number of elementary schools to be closed. The BoE and the Mayor's office are both aware of this option.


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