Bees in East Haven Focus Attention on Beekeeper Job

The position of state beekeeper has been vacant since December, state officials say.

Could concerns over the huge swarm of near Tweed Airport in  earlier this week have been averted if the state had an official beekeeper on duty to handle it?

WTNH Channel 8 reported that the former state beekeeper died in December and the post has not yet been filled.

State Entomologist Kirby Stafford told the television station that there were many applicants, although he didn’t say how many were qualified.

One of the applicants is Amanda Kettle, the former state beekeeper’s daughter who wants to fill her late father’s shoes.

The Burr Street bees were eventually removed by an area beekeeper, according to a WTNH report, which is posted in the gallery that accompanies this article.


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