Assessing Irene’s Impact on South Central Connecticut

“The Towns Around Us” takes a look at what’s making headlines in neighboring communities.

The destruction was unlike anything seen in decades.

Homes washed away into the Long Island Sound; floodwaters ruined others. Trees crashed onto homes, into streets and on top of electric lines.

The power outage numbers were historic — hundreds of thousands of residents were left in the dark and, even a week later, some still are.

Indeed, no community in Connecticut was exempt from Hurricane Irene’s wrath when she hit the state Aug. 28 with tropical-force winds, several inches of rain and a powerful storm surge.

A week later, many communities are still sorting through debris, salvaging personal belongings and beginning the process of rebuilding their lives.

In this special edition of The Town Around Us, we look back at how Irene affected some towns in South Central Connecticut.
BRANFORD – The surge’s power was something to behold. It took out roads and flooded homes. Streets were littered in debris. Damage was not limited to the coast, though; every part of town was impacted.
MILFORD – Houses along the beach took a beating on Sunday. Huge waves pounded and crashed. A storm surge swept a few away and left streets covered in debris. From Fort Trumbull to Laurel Beach, Milford felt Irene’s impact.
STRATFORD – Neighborhoods along the coast, like Lordship, were among the hardest hit. Seawalls were washed away; homes were ruined.
CHESHIRE – A tree crashed through the roof of one home. Another, on Wood Pond Road, was uprooted entirely.
HAMDEN – Residents were left in the dark for several days, and .

Ann Della Camera September 05, 2011 at 03:12 AM
I just want to thanks all the Firefighters and Police and electric company workes, for their tireless work to get people back to a normal life. To those that came from other states we thank you. This is a time when you know people are there for you.


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