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Well the Party Animal, Robert Hoff, seems to be everywhere there is a public event and while us working people couldn’t be in attendance I only wish I could have witnessed this alleged episode cause I have a feeling that some of the story is just not up to snuff.

Do I believe that Mr. Hoff was there along with Senator Fasano ? Sure.  But do I believe that Len Fasano threatened Mr. Hoff in a way he was going to have a medical episode?  Well….No. Do I think Senator Fasano had a reason to be mad….Absolutely especially for the way Mr. Hoff has portrayed Senator Fasano’s involvement with the Quarry. It’s also important point out that Mr. Hoff is also Steve Fontana’s point person in East Haven and is really doing his very best to keep the Party Animal image in support of Mr. Fontana’s meager effort to unseat Senator Fasano.

So when you write stuff about another person you need to have the stamina to understand that you might be called out and you might be confronted. I do it all the time but people know that I could care less and welcome the challenge. Mr. Hoff seems to want to piss, grieve and moan about it to the East Haven Patch Audience that probably could care less. In addition, I find it extremely interesting and cowardly that he now posts but does not allow comments. Talk about taking your ball and going home!!! That’s not what we expect from the Party Animal.

Now for the business side of things which Mr. Hoff clearly thinks is so wrong. Before Len Fasano was a State Senator he was a practicing attorney. He is  successful practicing attorney that runs a well established Law Firm in New Haven that is involved with land dealings. That’s his specialty and that’s what he gets paid to do along with his other attorney’s. Does his firm collect a fee? I certainly hope so and does his firm make a profit? Well no one is in business to lose money. Maybe Mr. Hoff should consult his attorney that protects him and his disability and ask them if Mr. Hoff would hire the loser attorney or the winning attorney? Hey that sounds familiar....Didn’t Romney point out that the Chief Party Animal President Obama hired all losers for his big energy failure with solar and wind?

So Party Animal, we’ve got the world’s smallest violin and it’s playing your song. Don’t come crying here looking for sympathy for something you started. Man up, take your punches and don’t be a coward. Tell Julie to open up your comment section and let the people give their opinion. Or will the multiple comments trigger another episode? Or could it really be that no one really cares and you remain insignificant as all your other posts.

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Richard Poulton October 05, 2012 at 08:43 PM
Dan, I e-mailed Julie first thing this AM advising her of the comment section being "clicked" off. She took care of it. Great post by the way.
First Mr Mcann you should stop fabricating stories. I am in no way shape or form Mr Fontana's point person in East Haven so you need to get your facts straight on that one Dannny Boy. Second I do not see you holding a Dr's degree in Neurology so you therefore are in no shape form or manner to speak on what stress levels would bring on a seizure. Third you want to talk Cowardice Danny Boy,...You made a statement that I do not properly dress for Town Council I made it perfectly clear that I would be at the last Council meeting and you were no where to be found. Seems to me you as they say in pro sports choked. In conculsion Blah Blah Man life is too short to waste on people like you or of your ilk.
Showme DaMoney October 05, 2012 at 10:25 PM
I am going to actually agree with Hoff here. While yes, Len Fasano has a right to earn the developer here was from the start involved in controversy.Senator Fasano still decided to represent a developer against the people he ran to represent. There were also many questionable campaign and political donations made to Senator Fasano, Mayor Maturo and the Repbublican Town commitee ( one made days before a zoning approval totalling almost 10,000.00 which was in 1,000.00 donations by different names of the developers family) by a RTC controlled P&Z board. This all against residents complaints and grievences. That situation goes much deeper then just Len Fasano. George Mingione went to work for that very developer after Maturo's loss to Capone. Coincidence? I think not.
Dan McCann October 05, 2012 at 10:38 PM
Not that you deserve an explanation of what I do or where I am I will respond to you this time. You're not Fontana's guy here? Really then why is it everytime he's here you are in his skid mark zone? Please stop your lies. I'm not the one who's complaining publically that I was going to have an attack because someone came near you. I may not have a Doctorate but I am very comfortable in my educational level, minor in Family Studies, that your disability is not your problem it's your lack of self worth, shallowness and the cry for attention that needs a few theraputic sessions. Admitting you have a problem is a first step in resolving one's self worth. Lastly, I'm not a person who sits home and collects a check from Uncle Obama. You should respect the fact that it's people like me in the 53% that support you that give you the opportunity to go see the Greenway Trail being dedicated while I am working and because my job requires extensive travel I wasn't in Town the night of the council meeting but I do offer this to you. If you want to say something directly to me be my guest and if you have an episode I'm properly trained to handle your medical situation right there. So don't worry me being a coward. I'll dish it out then save your life all in a minutes time. Have a sparkling day Hoff...
For more on thed Quarry and The Conflict please see: http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2008/10/01/news/a1-quarry_art.txt?viewmode=fullstory
Dan McCann October 05, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Not denying any truth but there is a proper way to bring out your point with credibility and then there's the Hoff way.....Party Animal Style...Keep reaching so when do you want to say it to me directly? I've got the tounge depresser ready along with my BMV in case something happens. You can trust me I'll make sure you'll be taken good care of and I'll be compassionate to listen to every word.
Rosie October 06, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Mr. McCann, as you know I have a lot of respect for you and what you have to say. Once again, I enjoyed your piece. I am very well versed in epilepsy, so I will once again repeat what I posted on Hoff's blog: My father has lived with epilepsy for 65+ years, and managed to hold down a very physical job for 48 years, maintain a house, and raise 3 children. He is not now, or was ever considered "disabled", and it irks me when someone uses that as an excuse to sit home all day, doing nothing and collecting a check, especially for a very manageable illness. Disibility should be reserved for those that are actually disabled, and doctors should be investigated for prescribing someone disabled when they are not. For the record, my father has had only one seizure in all those years, and it was because he got hit in the head playing competetive softball. How's that for disabled.
Dan McCann October 06, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Rosie...Thank you and I enjoy reading your posts too. You know one thing I do know about people with disabilities is they don't like all the attention. I have a few members of my family immediate and extended that are disabled and they hate being "classified" that way. It's people like Mr. Hoff that really have no business being a representative of the disabled. Disabilities have no room in politics and vise versa. My sister had a very tragic episode which included seizures and left her permanently disabled. While everyone in my family recognizes it and it is clearly evident don't ever tell my sister she's different. She is fiercely independent and wants to be treated like everyone else. It's goofs like Hoff that draw negative attention and then draw up the sympathy and then use politics as a weapon. I can't wait for February 2013 when this tool will be long gone. I mean who but this guy writes about food drives and pats himself on the back? What a display of needed therapy.
Dan, Really Slander and threats in the same post?
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 12:17 PM
Since this door was opened by you, let me ask you a question. I maybe wrong, maybe someone else with knowledge can chime in, but didn't the Capone people get a Huge contribution from the Main Street property owner involved in an emanate domain court case. Where the town wanted to take property that would allow Main Street to be straight. Capone wins, case dropped. And I understand she paid his lawyers fee in the deal. How's that for a questionable donation.
Dan McCann October 06, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Oh you mean the truth and manning up? If you got something you want to say directly to me then tell me when and where. I'm all ears.
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 12:53 PM
I don't know there Hoffy, I read Dan's piece three times and I don't see any comment that would fall under the statutory requirements for a threat or any indication of slander towards you.
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 12:55 PM
You can't do that Dan. He maybe intimidated and fall under undue stress. You are a much bigger man you know, and he is a little guy.
Rosie October 06, 2012 at 01:20 PM
I agree. I also have family and friends that are truly disabled, in wheelchairs, or with dibilitating illnesses. And if any of us were ever to tell them they can't..well it wouldn't be good! These are the kind of people who should be advocates for the truly disabled, not this guy who uses a very manageble illness as an excuse to sit home all day. Most people with a disability don't want the attention or any special treatment. They live with their disability daily, they don't need reminders. It seems to be only those that want to work the system that have to draw attention to their disability. After all, they get paid for it. I hope the next food drive isn't to stressful for him. But, of course, we will hear all about it...
Dan,...The truth?.... You can't handle the truth. Longtime readers Mr MCcann will remember when former Patch Editor had to place you in the time out corner with your dunce cap on when you stepped over the line and tried to intimidate others and perhaps it is time you were placed back in the corner by Julie. Obviously it has become clear that you are uncapable of conducting an adult conversation without trying to intimidate other readers. How sad is that for someone who prides himself on his educational attainment that you Mr MCcann cannot even stay on topic without feeling the need to try and intimidate others? Oh look Mr MCcann there's a chair in the time out corner and it's calling your name.
Richard, Not only is he much bigger after all in his picture he appears to be taking up half the size of the trophy case and yes we've been over this time and time again at only 5' 5 1/2" I am a little guy.
Dan McCann October 06, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Oh you're referring to Ms. Bass? I clearly remember her and her loyalties to Gene, aka Josey Wales and the other fools on this board who scream bloodly murder because I dish out the truth. There are no threats Hoff it's all in your mind. What I offered was a chance for you to say it directly to me. Since when is an invitation a threat? As for the adult conversation and child like behavior maybe you need to go back to your posts and look at the amount of times you called people names. If my words intimidate you Mr. Hoff it can be only two things. First you are intellectually incapable of handling the words expressed therefore you feel "intellectually intimidated" That's not a crime. Or you're wrought with pure guilt from everything you've posted on here and you're angry that you're being called out. Again, that's not a crime. However, Party Animal what your DTC leader did was a criminal act by making threats. At the time I did not who or whom it was so I decided to take it to the PD. They agreed and so did a judge and well we know the rest of the story. So if you're going in that direction so be it. Good luck on that venture. Bottom line Hoff you and others that write lies, untruths for political gain and or posturing will be held to account. You can piss and moan about it all day long and LOL there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. As for Julie, she is aces not because she prints my stuff but because she prints everyones not like the Democrat operative Ms. Bass.
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Look Dan, the opening line. Does it ring a bell? Almost like plagiarism.
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 01:56 PM
This is getting fun. Are you wearing large lifts or is that stand extremely short. You appear to tower over it for someone so short.
Dan McCann October 06, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Rich...A pathetic attempt to be Jack...Oh wait....Jack (part animal) oh i see now. Yep looks that way...
Dan, Please on an intellectual level you sir cannot compete. I do however,find it interesting that you choose to appoint yourself the saviour of the blogs and attempt to correct what you deem as other readers or as you refer to them as "the other fools who scream bloody murder". Seriously Dan if your ego is that large that you truly believe that you are the saving grace of the Patch and it's readership as well as East Haven but you have to do so by attacking other readers on what you perceive as an intellectual level then clearly you have missed the mark by a country mile. Dan there is no way on earth that you could ever intellectually intimidate me you simply weren't blessed by having an ample enough supply of brain power. You state "Hoff you and others that write lies, untruths for political gain and or posturing will be held to account. You can piss and moan about it all day long and LOL there's absolutely nothing you can do about it." I wonder Dan does this include those members on this board that happen to be Republican and will you be holding yourself to those same standards or will you obsolve yourself from this due to your pompus hollier then thou ego trip? Let us not forget Mr MCann you have already accussed me of being the point man for Mr Fontana and this an untruth but then again we really couldn't expect more coming from Mr Fasano and Mr Cubellotti's Pivot man.
Dan McCann October 06, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Such eloquent words written by a man who shoots from the grassy knoll that is wearing bright orange reflective outter wear. You sir have serious issues and make me laugh quite a bit.
Showme DaMoney October 06, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Richard, I think they both have taken questionable donations but comparing the two I don't believe is anywhere on the same level. In the Quarry situation you had a developer going against residents of "our" town. As far as the eminent domain case, a politician (Maturo) attempted to take someones property to allow for a fountain to change the shape and flow of a road. You would support a candidate who would stop someone from stealing your property to Richard. Heck look at the antics another board took against you. I am sure you would support another candidate as well. This isn't about party's this is about right and wrong and this is my opinion.
To answer an earlier question from Richard which was:I maybe wrong, maybe someone else with knowledge can chime in, but didn't the Capone people get a Huge contribution from the Main Street property owner involved in an emanate domain court case. Where the town wanted to take property that would allow Main Street to be straight. Capone wins, case dropped. And I understand she paid his lawyers fee in the deal. How's that for a questionable donation. As Showme stated: There were also many questionable campaign and political donations made to Senator Fasano, Mayor Maturo and the Repbublican Town commitee ( one made days before a zoning approval totalling almost 10,000.00 which was in 1,000.00 donations by different names of the developers family) by a RTC controlled P&Z board. This all against residents complaints and grievences. Now Richard your right you were wrong! The Donation that was made to Mayor Capone's Campaign was only a couple hundred dollars which is far less then the greater amount which was donated to Senator Fasano. In reality Richard we're talking about Apples and Oranges here. To answer an ongoing question you keep asking me Richard I was wrong it wasn't your property but rather you were given a cease and desist order to stop filling in wetlands on your neighbors property. Now knowing this what does Mayor Maturo do he appoints you to the Inlands Wetlands Committee......Hmmm?
Showme DaMoney October 06, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Sharon had her own motives, one was catering to April. Storys and commentary were both slanted towards Aprils camp. Anything anti-cop, or anti Republican was never censored and always over hyped.
Maggie Mae October 06, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Why are you so negative? Is that the only way you know how to act?
Maggie Mae October 06, 2012 at 04:55 PM
I didn't see any threats! Do you imagine everything?
Patrick Madley October 06, 2012 at 06:19 PM
I have to say I enjoy reading these articles. They make me laugh. I will not take a side but I will say maybe it is best if everyone just stops commenting before someone says something that could be considered a threat or something that could be considered inappropriate. Just a though- don't want to see anyone in trouble.
Richard Poulton October 06, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Hey Hoffy, please go to the "Trapped" story and look for my lengthy reply to your wetlands question. Far to long to re-write. Maybe, but I doubt it, you will get the true picture since you have been given bad information. Makes for good reading. And if you have any further questions regarding this issue I highly recommend you purchase the book of regulations and read them. Then come back and ask me another question. Start with Section 2, then read Section 4, sub 4.1(b). After you digest all that go on-line and read up on the following Ct Appellate Court cases: Samperi v. Inland Wetlands Agency; River Bend V. Conservations & Inland Wetlands Commission; Kaufman v. Zoning Commission, and finally the biggie, Huck v. Inland Wetlands & Watercourse Agency. Let me know when you are done, there will be a test. All cases the past commission leaders ignored that are directly related to my and my neighbors issues. I guess the oath they took didn't mean anything to them.
Jacobo Arnez October 08, 2012 at 12:40 PM
You people need to back-off!! Mr. Hoff is only seeking the truth. He is a very sick man who I saw getting Depends adult diapers in Stop and Shop over the weekend. I'm sure confronting men bigger than him is scary. Since mostly everyone out of elementary school is "bigger" than Mr. Hoff, imagine his quandary, everyone is scary. But just because he lives in fear of anyone bigger than him, he still needs to express whatever opinion is emailed to him by the DTC. SO, LEAVE HIM ALONE.


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