Shays says Obama Administration Suffocating GDP

U.S. Senate candidate and former U.S. Representative Christopher Shays discusses the second quarter GDP report.

Stratford - Christopher Shays, Republican candidate for United States Senate, released this statement on today's second quarter GDP report.

"Today's report from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis on the economy's anemic second quarter growth of just 1.5% shows an economy being suffocated by the Obama Administration and the Federal Reserve.

The President's massive tax increases scheduled for January 1 are causing businesses to hold off on investment, therefore stunting productivity.

Real GDP growth at only 1.5% means no job growth at all, and this will only get worse as we approach Obama's "Taxmageddon" on January 1.

If our economy had grown at 1.6% over our entire history, right now our GDP would be only about $190 billion, rather than $15.5 trillion.  Instead of having the world’s #1 economy, we would be #49.  And we would not have won WWII and the Cold War. 

We must achieve 4% real economic growth, which is historically normal for America.

President Obama has had three years to reverse our economic downturn and has failed to lead America in the right direction.  He is focused on the wrong issues and continues to neglect the importance of economic growth.

The only way to get people back to work is by sending the right Senators to Washington to put our nation on a new path to prosperity. Chris Murphy’s record of partisan support for Nancy Pelosi’s and President Obama’s broken policies is not the right path.  Linda McMahon has no experience and lacks the understanding of the issues to make any significant changes.

We need to send a Senator from Connecticut with the experience to fix this problem.  I have the knowledge, experience and guts to hit the ground running on day one, roll up my sleeves and help restore sanity to Washington."

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R Eleveld August 06, 2012 at 01:23 PM
@ Zachary... I hear your anger and I understand it. I would like to take that anger and move it in a direction where we CAN make some changes incrementally. The Democrats know how to play the game better than you... or me... They understand incremental changes sets the path for the ultimate goal. For example Medicare was the first step to a NHS system. Then came prescription drugs. These progras have gaps in coverage. Then Medicare Advantage, it was a market oriented arguably successful program, and now they want to cancel it because too many signed up. Then we have Obamacare. Each of these is a step towards a single payer NHS system. You see they know how to play the game. If you want change you need to reverse these step by step. I am just opening a dialog on a rational set of changes that can be debated. These changes will set us up to roll back some of the largess. The steps I am promoting are one we ALL should be able to live with. If you have a better idea then let us all know.
R Eleveld August 06, 2012 at 01:38 PM
@ DIC :-) So true. The laws were written so that the media may not make any changes to political ads. Some can see the danger of allowing someone to censor political free speech. The fact check we see in the media is not without some prejudice. The Susan Bysiewicz ads about Murphy are factually incorrect (I believe he is the #4 beneficiary of Wall Street contributions vs #1), So #4 is better than #1? The second element is it is "Wall Street" funds, yet the funds come from "Wall Street" and Hedge Funds that John Q. Public perceives as "Wall Street". Semantics. So the ad is not factually accurate, however spiritually it is accurate. Now the interesting thing is why would Murphy get these funds? He is a Democrat that wants to regulate the Street more (I presume). He is not on a committee with financial industry oversight. Just something to think about. Also note most of Wall Street are big Democrat supporters and many have places in the 5th District.
R Eleveld August 06, 2012 at 02:05 PM
The speech ascribed to Davy Crockett is spot on with the comments I have made in the past. It is easy to use someone else's money to benefit a 3rd. I would suggest everyone take a minute and listen to the youtube video. The implication is a slippery slope to help explain where we are today.
000 August 07, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Thank for your comments R. Eleveld, it's appreciated, but incremental steps ain't enough. Anyone who believes that we can tax (the rich) our way out of this might as well just say "let's not change a darn thing." How can taxing the rich ever really fix gigantic tangled mess ($16 Trillion Debt=U.S. GNP)? Why would the rich ever pay when they don't have to? And, how can you ever force them to pay, they make the rules?! It ain't no accident that GE CEO Immelt is Obama's #1 economic advisor & Timothy "Goldman Sachs" Geithner is his Secretary of the Treasury? And, if things every got to hot for the rich (which it won't) they'll just take their money and their jobs and scram. See, the rich realize this ain't their tab to pick up. It ain't mine or anybody's children's either. This money was stolen. If you want it paid back then you need to go find the crooks. You can find them easily, they're on the ballot every November. Finally there are these false philanthropists who hide behind a sickening phony facade of selflessness and caring for others but in the reality, they know only one trick, using force against their neighbors to steal more to feed the beast. And, the cycle continues. We put another pig head on a stick for the beast. But, hasn't the beast had enough already? Where does this stop? The paradigm must be changed and there needs to be a new way of thinking and continuing with this insanity is not the answer. http://youtu.be/NkEtArDFNYA
REVMAN August 20, 2012 at 02:26 PM
ROBERT BRACER-Fox News (fair&balanced)has the higest ratings by almost double and sometimes triple than ANYOTHER network(including that sick MSNBC). FACT just look it up.


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