Hurricane Sandy Special Canceled; Fall Harvest Special Canceled

"On the advice of the Madison Emergency Management team, we will be closing the hotel at 4pm this afternoon. The Fall Harvest Festival has been canceled.


Editors Note: Madison Beach Hotel says "On the advice of the Madison Emergency Management team, we will be closing the hotel at 4pm this afternoon.  The Fall Harvest Festival has been canceled."


Original story:

Madison Beach Hotel is having a Hurricane Sandy special Sunday night. Instead of the usual $229 rate, the hotel,will be charging $149 and offering 15 percent off at their restaurant, The Wharf.

"Join us as we batten down the hatch, cozy up to the fireplace, and nosh on some delicious New England fare," says a Madison Beach Hotel post on Facebook.

The hotel, with its location right on Long Island Sound, is essentially a front row seat onto whatever drama Hurricane Sandy will bring with it. Forecasters have said it may be a catastrophic storm, but it's unclear at this point exactly how it will affect Madison and the surrounding shoreline. Madison town officials have declared a civil preparedness state of emergency as of Monday at noon in anticipation fo the storm, which they say could hit late Monday into early Tuesday of next week.

"Madison Beach Hotel is built to code, it has hurricane safe glass, and it has a generator," Mathers said Friday afternoon.

Mathers said the rate at this point is good for Sunday only. And he emphasized that the hotel, of course, will heed any evacuation orders and will take whatever measures necessary recommended by town officials, and common sense. The worst of the storm is expected to hit late Monday into early Tuesday. A state of emergency was declared Friday by town officials, to take effect Monday at noon.

"Our dinner and rooms specials are being offered only if the hotel is under normal operations.  If we feel our staff or guests are in harm’s way, we will not remain open, nor will we promote our facility as a place of refuge," Mathers said. "I am staying in close contact with [Madison Director of Emergency Services ] John Bowers and the Madison Emergency Management Team and we will heed their advice on evacuation.  We are taking this event very seriously."

Editor's Note: This story was updated Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012 to reflect the state of emergency declared by the town, effective Monday at noon, and to accurately reflect the hotel's willingness to work with town officials as more information about the storm becomes available.

Pem McNerney October 28, 2012 at 04:20 AM
You know what? You all are complaining because a local business is offering a reduced rate for one night. This is beyond silly. I don't see anyone complaining because a local bookstore is suggesting that people buy books to stock up. I don't see anyone complaining that a local wine store is recommending Storm Specials. What a buncha haters!!! We honestly have bigger things to worry about than Madison Beach Hotel offering a reduced rate and 15 percent off for dinner. It was a nice offer. Wilson, if you're a bit dazed by this, you're overthinking it.
Jim Williams October 28, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Wilson. You make too much sense so don't expect others to comprehend or provide you with any informative or satisfying answers. That's not how things work in Madison. What you can expect is others being critical of you just for asking a few very logical questions for clarification. Typical politics of not answering the legitimate questions asked by instead replying with answers to questions they wished they were asked to promote their own agenda. I agree with you. Why does The Patch promote something with a story and free advertising as if it's something in support of the community during a potential disaster when it reality isn't ? Then again, this is Madison, not exactly a shining example of an unbiased press.
Pert Thomas October 28, 2012 at 09:12 AM
Well Wilson she has got you there. Pem has never overthought anything in her entire life which is why we have this embarrassment of a "news" site. I wonder at what rate favored people like a certain high ranking beach and rec official got a room during these "specials"?
Paul October 28, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Well the first thing is that anyone who puts anybody in the frontline of a storm has got to be a few cents short of a dollar,that is irresponsible. Next lets see how community spirited MBH is after the event when the MBH is suppose to be storm proof and people around the area have been hit by the storm. MBH should have learnt what is meant by the word 'COMMUNITY' before offering a deal on a hotel room. You want a lesson on Community Spirit pop down to Nick's for breakfast after the event !
Wilson October 29, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Pem, please dear accept my apologies. I did not see the articles written by you highlighting a "local bookstore is suggesting that people buy books to stock up" or " a local wine store is recommending Storm Specials." I read the paper daily and did not see them in the top section as I did for MBH. They must certainly be there somewhere. I had only read the one you posted for free regarding the MBH. Where did you post the lovely offers made by the wine store and book store. I searched all over but can't seem to find them. How kind of you to offer free advertising to corporate citizens. I run a small house cleaning business and could you please let everyone know I will be offering a hurricane house cleaning special after the storm passes. It is $100 per hour. With a 15% discount on cleaning products. Could you please run the add at the top to the paper as you did for our fine owners of the MBH. Thank you dear you are so gracious.


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