Cars: What's The Best Car For A College-Bound Kid?

High school graduation is right around the corner and a car makes a great gift. Here are some recommendations from AOL Autos on the best (and safest) cars to buy for your college-bound child.

A traditional gift for a high school graduate can be as small as a watch or as big as a car. If you are able to afford a car for your graduate, AOL Autos has some great advice when shopping.

Avoid SUVs and small cars

"A higher center of mass in SUVs usually gives them unforgiving handling characteristics compared to passenger cars. Small cars should be avoided because they do not always provide the passengers the same protection that larger cars do, especially in collisions with other larger vehicles."

Steer clear of sports cars

"According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an insurance-industry affiliate, the statistics show that younger people are more likely to be in a speed-related crash in such vehicles."

Newer vehicles are generally better

"Newer models offer more safety features, plus they have better structural crash protection (i.e. the car will sacrifice itself for the driver, not the other way around). Newer cars are also less likely to suffer from stalling problems or other component failures that might cause a lack of control, especially for inexperienced drivers."

Based on this advice, check out these models:

Chevrolet Impala

Buy locally:Dave McDermott Chevrolet, Valenti Auto Sales and Lee Partyka Chevyland Mazda

Ford Taurus

Buy locally: Ford of Branford and Bob Thomas Ford.

Honda Accord

Buy locally: Brandfon Honda

Toyota Camry

Buy locally: A1 Toyota

Nissan Altima

Buy locally: Executive Nissan Jeep and George Harte Nissan


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