What Could Occur in Next Obama-Romney Debate

A possible "transcript" of the second Obama-Romney debate.

This is an imaginary transcript of the comments from the second debate between Pres. Barack Obama and his challenger former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Moderator:  Candy Crowley

Welcome to the second debate between President Barack
Obama and challenger former Governor Mitt Romney. Governor Romney will have 2 minutes to answer the first question. President Obama will have 2 minutes to

Here is the first question: Gov. Romney, why should women vote for you
rather than Mr. Obama?

Mr Romney: Thank you for this second opportunity to prove why.  I am far more qualified than my well- meaning but inept opponent.

 Women of America, while I am specifically addressing you, don’t forget that you are part of the100% of Americans who have suffered from the disastrous
effects of that man’s policies.

Eleven percent of you cannot find a job. Beware because my opponent will try to
bamboozle you as he did, but failed in the last debate with phony statistics.

He’ll say that unemployment decreased to 7.8%.

And then he has the hutzpah to look you in the eye, and tell you that I am
giving you false information. He won’t come out and directly say that I am a
liar, because he wants to appear as the cultured educated man.

But I will not play games; certainly not with your welfare.

Candy Crowley: Mr. President?

Thank you Candy. The problem I face tonight is daunting. Mr. Romney claims that I falsely claim that he dispenses misinformation, but in reality it is I who am the
liar. So how would you know whom to believe?

Women of America, if you believe Mr. Romney and Roe vs Wade is repealed, you won’t be able to come back running to me and say ,”Sorry we were duped.”

If you vote for Romney because he said if Obamacare goes into effect 20 million people including women will lose health care, you won’t be able to come back running to me and say ,”Sorry we were duped please get us back the preventative care for women.”

Candy Crowley: Mr Romney, how do you respond to President Obama’s assertion that you wish to takeaway a woman choice to have an abortion?

Mr. Romney: The last time I looked, there were 3 branches of government. I guess I could appoint myself to the U.S. Supreme Court. Perhaps, my opponent might consider appointing himself to the court, if he feels so strongly about indiscriminately killing fetuses.

Mr. Obama: What is at stake is a much broader civil rights issue for women.

  • Freedom to not be deprived of the right to choose.
  • Freedom to obtain a job without fear of discrimination.
  • Freedom to obtain equal pay.
  • Freedom to invest money with adequate government oversight. 
  • Freedom to get get college loans when my middle-class parents can't afford to give me money. 

Candy Crowley: This is a foreign affairs question. Mr Obama gets to answer first. Please clarify your position on our relationship with Israel and its effect on our national security.

President Obama: I brought into my first term as president an unshakeable commitment to the security of Israel. The State of Israel faces a broad range of security threats. I do not believe you negotiate with terrorist groups such as

I am committed to preventing Iran from securing a nuclear bomb.

I, as President Bush before me, believe in a two-state solution. My opponent recently stated that he believes in a 1 state solution. This I think will hurt the
security of Israel.

Mr. Romney: There you go again. Not only have I publically recommitted our goal for a Palestinian State, but have criticized your lack of progress on that front.

You have one consistent trait Mr. Obama – weak leadership; here in creating jobs,
in dealing with the turmoil in Libya, Afghanistan, Iran and the security of

Candy Crowley: How do you respond to Mr. Romney’s criticism?

President Obama: I want you, my fellow Americans, to listen carefully. Presidential debates are predicated on the honesty and moral integrity of the candidates.

Last year Mr. Romney voiced opposition to intervention in Libya. Within months Mr. Quaddafi was gone. Who was weak?

Several months ago Mr. Romney stated that there was no way a two-state solution between Israel and Palestinians could work. Now he feels my commitment to the two- state solution wasn’t vigorous enough.

He declared the bail out of the auto industry a big mistake. But he brags about how he loves American cars.

Did 23 out of 26 alternate fuel projects fail, as he clamed? Nothing is further from the truth.

During the last debate Romney said that I have "doubled" the deficit. In reality, using the most appropriate comparison the deficit has slightly decreased.

Mr. Romney said in our last debate, “I figured out from day one as Governor I had to get along, and I had to work across the aisle to get anything done.”

But the truth is democrats complained that Governor Romney ignored, insulted or opposed them.

He vetoed scores of legislative initiatives, (chuckling as he did so),  and excised budget line items a remarkable 844 times; lawmakers overrode the vast majority of them.

Romney made up that his own health care proposals including protections for pre-existing conditions. Good luck if you believe him. Go to his website and read the truth.

Candy Crowley: Governor would you like to respond…Governor?



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Bill October 10, 2012 at 04:46 PM
As to being inclusive I will admit the democrats are inclusive, of those who agree with the socialist agenda. They are much more inclusive then when they wore whitehoods, fought integration, and supported Jim Crow laws.
William Brighenti, CPA October 10, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Who cares. They are both liars!
Kaptainsteve October 10, 2012 at 09:46 PM
William, you are right on target! Ask yourself, why are they so scared of having Gary Johnson in the debates? Are they scared he might bring up IMPORTANT issues??? You know it! http://youtu.be/QDQsIKbQLFY http://youtu.be/AqtfyaWgW74
Bill October 11, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Question for president Obama, regarding Libya,your administration had plenty of intelligence pointing to an imminent terrorist attack, our late ambassador and his security team asked for more security forces on several occasions and were denied, in fact were stripped of most of their security teams and their only plane. Additionally they were told to stop asking for more security, your embarrassing the administration, how would it look if the president who made the Middle East love us needed more security for his embasador? With all this in mind, why did you think it was a good idea to spend a week blaming the attack on a low budget movie no one had seen?
Richard Poulton October 11, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Excellant point Bill. What we should ask, and demand answers by the way, where were the U.S. Marines? Marines have historically protected the inner grounds of all U.S. embassy's and diplomatic missions, etc.... The ambassador & staff are protected by D.S.S.. So again I ask for the answer to these points - where were the Marines? Why weren't they on our property,the world knows is the soil of the country having that diplomatic office. Host country protects the outer perimator and what did they do - ran away. Good job there Ms. Clinton.


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