Protestors at East Haven's Hobby Lobby

About a dozen people protested the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

File photo
File photo
A dozen protestors protested at the Hobby Lobby in East Haven on Saturday. 
They were protesting the United States Supreme Court ruling that allows companies not to have to provide contraception as part of their insurance coverage if it goes against their religious beliefs, the New Haven Register reports. 
Protestors argued it's an attack on women's rights, and that it goes against equality for men and women. 
Read the full New Haven Register story here, which includes photos and videos. 

Here is what protestors said before the rally Saturday in a press release to East Haven Patch. 

"Activists and community members outraged by the Burwell v. Hobby Lobbydecision will rally at 10:00 AM outside the East Haven Hobby Lobby at 68 Frontage Rd. to oppose the decision and its implications and demand reproductive health care for all women and workers.

The Connecticut action is part of a series of nationwide Hobby Lobby actions this week. Across the country, women’s and reproductive rights organizations like WORD, NOW and Planned Parenthood are coming out to voice their opposition to the ruling. Over the past several days, the ruling has become a spark for millions of conversations and multiple articles about the religious right’s assault on women’s rights.

The ruling presents a threat not only because of its immediate impact on the 16,000+ Hobby Lobby employees. It sets a dangerous precedent for other business owners to allow for more forms of discrimination based on “closely held” beliefs. Business owners can refuse to hire or offer protections and benefits to people based on sex, race, nationality, orientation or gender identity. In fact, immediately following the ruling, a group of religious groups demanded exemption from a forthcoming executive order that would prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against LGBTQ people.

In a statement, WORD says: “The Supreme Court did not grant reproductive rights as a gift in 1973. They were conceded as a response to a mass movement of women in the streets who would not back down.” The full statement from WORD is available online at: http://www.defendwomensrights.org/news/hobby-lobby-actions.html

The Hobby Lobby ruling is yet another manifestation of the move of the right wing to undermine and erode crucial rights won by women. Similarly to the defunding of women’s health clinics earlier this year and the very recent removal of buffer zones around clinics (permitting anti-abortion activists to endanger women entering the clinics), this ruling has serious implications and demands public retaliation."

George Kenyon July 09, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Why bother paying these salaries, if it's not what the king and his men want, they do it anyway. Our country is a horrible spiral down.
Paul Improta July 09, 2014 at 02:31 PM
Grandpa musta doubled up his dose of Viagra, because if true, this would be the most work this crook has done in 6 years.
Richard Poulton July 09, 2014 at 05:34 PM
Paul, I am assuming you are referring to Sen. Reid? This legislation is being presented by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO). They intend to re-write the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 to go around the SCOTUS decision. I guess the SCOTUS, which deals in only constitional issues, means nothing to these people. Don't like a decision - change legislation, which will be overturned anyway.
David Parsons July 09, 2014 at 09:05 PM
The Supreme Court’s ruling last week in the Hobby Lobby case wasn’t based on a fundamental right found in the First Amendment or anywhere else in the Constitution. When the justices said that closely held corporations have religious rights that let them refuse to pay for insurance plans that cover contraceptives, they based their decision on a 1993 law passed by Congress, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act......That means Congress has the ability to rewrite federal law to overrule the court’s decision, and Senate Democrats have wasted little time coming up with a bill to do just that......It would be surprising if the bill picked up more than two or three Republican votes since it praises the Affordable Care Act, which is officially loathed by the Republican Party. It’s a message bill, in the cynical parlance of Capitol Hill, which will die by filibuster in the Senate and has no chance of reaching the floor of the House. But at least that message is clear, and next week senators will have to reveal whether they think employers should have the right to intrude on their employees’ lives.
Philip July 09, 2014 at 10:10 PM
haha - give me Mondays off and free lunches or you're intruding on my life


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