Happy Thanksgiving, East Haven! What Are You Thankful For?

The season of giving is here so let's give thanks together! Upload a photo of something you're giving thanks for this year and share your thoughts in the comments!

We're all thankful for something. Whether it's your family, your dog, a special teacher, a job — Patch wants to know what you're saying as you go around the Thanksgiving table.

In Hurricane Sandy's wake, Patch editors up and down the East coast are thankful for our readers, who were incredibly helpful, patient, and engaging as we all scrambled to find electricity and WiFi to produce the news.

We're also thankful for the simple things. Click through the gallery above and add a photo of your own or a comment to tell us what you're giving thanks for today. 

ASmith November 22, 2012 at 03:02 PM
Thank the good lord that I still got my health. Have a few problems but medical science has the medicine for me to take to deal with em. Thank the good lord for my family, and all the youngins, nieces and nephews, that are a here and dont mind spendin time with an old worn out fella like me on this here holiday. Thank the good lord for this wonderful country I got to spend my days in. Best country in the world. A place where we got good medicine, fine folks, a place where our young people can grow up proud and strong and a place where folks like Luigi and Mr. Gene, and Jacobo and Missy Doreen and all can speak their peace in a free society and dont got to worry bout someone lockin em up for it. Folks today take so much for granted, sure hopes they wake up and realize how lucky we all are to be livin in the time we is a livin in and the place we is a livin in. And it we all are lucky this coming year, things will get better, the country won't fall off a cliff, folks will learn to accept each other differences and all and do the work of the lord every day of their lives. Thankful too for whoever invented stretchy waist pants, cause we are sure gonna need em today. Happy Thanksgiving all.


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